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Interpersonal Conlict In Film Essay

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Final Film Critique: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Robert L. Forbes
ENG 225 Film: From Watching to Seeing.
Instructor Ebony Gibson
April 29, 2013

Final Film Critique: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Everyone likes to laugh, and this film is no stranger to the call. O Brother, Where Art Thou is indeed a comical action/adventure and musical romp Directed by Joel Coen and Produced by Ethan Coen. The Cast consist of many ...view middle of the document...

The three men following a breakout from a penal farm run from the Warden throughout this film. However, it would seem that the main antagonist is society in itself because of the many unfortunate situations presented in their journey. For example, John Goodman who plays the corrupt bible sales man all but knocks Everett and Delmar out, and the siren sisters that kidnap Pete to turn over to the Warden for reward money and leave Delmar to believe they have turned him into a toad (perhaps a metaphor for Pete’s lustful disobedience).
The films plot structure follows what Goodykoontz & Jacobs (2011) describe as “A classic five act structure [that] may be more formally organized into fairly equally dived sections of exposition-development-crisis-climax [and] resolution” (chapter 2.2). Additionally, the film plot follows what Goodykoontz & Jacobs (2011) explain as “chronological order, which means that events in the movie’s plot follow the same order” (chapter 2.2). However, as the plot narrates the story, each individual scene during the journey is not entirely expected. For example, the three men hitch hiking are picked up by would be bank robber Baby-face Nelson played by Michael Badalucco and inadvertently rob a bank. This takes place subsequently after baptismal at the riverside when Pete and Delmar claim to go the straight and narrow and professing repentance that was a popular Christian movement at this time in Mississippi during the depression.
The characters portrayed in this film by the various actors were an amazing and wonderful with their performance adding to the mise-en-scene telling the story of the cultural environment and era of history. The appearances and facial expressions along with their dialogue were symbolic to the stories theme and setting relating society of the era. Additionally, George Clooney who is a well-known actor for his character the captain in The Perfect Storm, a con man in Ocean’s Eleven, and even a comic book hero in Batman and Robin could classify him as the perfect “wild card actor” for this role in O Brother, Where Art Thou. A wild card actor is according to Goodykoontz & Jacobs (2011),”an actor who is difficult to classify as one certain type, often because he or she can play a wide variety of characters equally well without becoming typecast”(chapter 3.4). Clooney plays a somewhat smarter character than that of his friends; however, some could say just as naïve, his role as the agnostic turned believer when he falls to his knees at the end of the movie brings a strong message and symbol of repentance and salvation to the audience.
The director of photography, Roger Deakins, who was nominated for an Academy Award for best in cinematography, collaborated with the Coen brothers making it a box-office hit. According to Goodykoontz & Jacobs (2011), “[his] job is to translate the director’s vision for the film, to capture what the director wants to see and say, and physically...

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