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Interpersonal Conflicts Essay

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Interpersonal Conflict in Film
January 23, 2010
COM 200
Beverlee Matts

Interpersonal conflicts can occur at all levels of interactions amongst people, which is the case in the movie crash. In the movie crash there are a number of unhealthy conflicts taking place between the participants that never get resolved; issues of race and gender that causes a group of strangers in Los Angeles to physically and emotionally collide. One case in particular between Graham and Ria who are both cops as well as partners and in a personal relationship with each other. Ria is annoyed with Graham emotional distance and his insensitivity over the fact he is African-American and she is Hispanic. When Graham talks to Ria he displays a combative mode towards her, without any regard for the severity of the conflict and Ria responds with difficulty facing the conflict; it appears that both of them feel inadequate relationship. ...view middle of the document...

Both people are usually cautious about what they tell each other and how they say it, and they make a conscious effort to present positive information about themselves and to avoid conflict. Researchers have found that one of the reasons a new relationship is usually so pleasant and friendly is that people emphasize the similarities they have and ignore the differences” (Brown & Rogers, 1991).

What should have been done to resolve the conflict between the couple is the following; identify the problem using effective communication so that both sides understand the problem identifying what they agree and disagree on would have change the way they communicated with one another. This can be done using active listening and using “I statements and avoiding blame”. Brainstorm collectively drawing strength from what is agreed upon and what is the shared goal of the problem many popular guides to improving communication skills place particular emphasis on exploring your own needs, desires, and motives in the relationship. Some of the goals you have in a relationship may be subconscious. Making the Connection states “By becoming more aware of these goals, and what you want to achieve in a relationship, you can identify areas of the relationship that you would like to improve and generate ideas for making these changes” (Improving Communication Skills 8.5). Decide on the Best Solution, come up with several possible solutions and together evaluate them by agreeing what each party must do and collectively implementing the solutions. There has to be some commitment to work on their interpersonal conflicts in order to have effective communication between them.

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