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Interpersonal Behavior Within The Organization Essay

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Interpersonal behavior is the interaction between two or more persons. It is imperative to building and maintaining any type of relationship in our social world. However, when looking at interpersonal behavior in the workplace, things become a little more complicated. Interpersonal behavior affects the relationships between coworker and coworker, coworker and supervisor, and even worker and customer. Interpersonal relationships are important in career and job success. Positive relationships can lead to harmonious work achievement, overall happiness, and even success. Negative relationships can lead to poor work performance and can hinder problem solving and conflict ...view middle of the document...

While there is actual research regarding interpersonal behavior and relationships, it is limited. However, the research that has been found proves that healthy relationships within the organization do help the organization as a whole become more productive.

According to a study done in Hong Kong, it was proven that negative behavior contributed to productiveness in the workplace. “We examined a theoretical model in which negative emotions serve as an explanatory mechanism through which daily stressors impact daily counterproductive work behavior (CWB). We further theorized that personality variables (negative affectivity, Conscientiousness, and Agreeableness) would exert cross-level effects on the within-person relationships. Hierarchical linear modeling results based on a sample of 231 individuals and 5,583 observations across 25 days provide partial support for the mediating role of negative emotions in the within-person stressor-CWB relationships. Specifically, we found that negative emotions (a) partially mediated the within-person relation of perceived ambiguity with CWB directed at the organization, (b) fully mediated the relation of supervisor interpersonal injustice with CWB directed at individuals, and (c) fully mediated the relation of customer interpersonal injustice with CWB directed at the organization. High levels of trait negative affectivity were found to strengthen the within-person relation between daily supervisor interpersonal injustice and daily negative emotions. As expected, high levels of trait Conscientiousness and Agreeableness were found to weaken the within-person relations of daily negative emotions with daily CWB directed at the organization and individuals.” (Yang, Jixia,Diefendorff, James M). Also the study indicated,” as such, individuals experiencing negative emotions may have difficulty thinking about, and subsequently producing, positive coping behaviors. Indeed, evidence suggests that the usual effect of negative emotions, especially those that occur in response to undesirable happenings, is reduced interpersonal communication and lower job performance (Bagozzi, 2003). Put together, job stressors appear to give rise to CWB through the arousal of negative emotions. For instance, Fox et al. (2001) found that CWB was associated with job stressors (i.e., organizational constraints, interpersonal conflict, and perceived injustice) and that negative emotions fully or partially mediated the stressor-CWB relationships.” (Yang, Jixia,Diefendorff, James M).

There are several causes of unhealthy interpersonal relationships. Many are derived from personal problems from home. However, there are some that are derived from the behaviors that often occur at work. Often times these behaviors are swept under the rug. However, getting to the bottom of these issues is detrimental to healthy interpersonal relationships within the organization.

One major issue is dating within the organization. ...

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