Interoperability Paper

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Interoperability Paper


Health care is need throughout the world ranging from general care, emergency service and even mental health. Mental health comes in many forms and range from the younger generation to the older generation. Physical illness is easier to define than mental illness because it involves bodily disorders that can be seen in different ways. Mental illness can be a temporary emotional onset or a long lasting psychological breakdown. Services for mental illness are rendered in inpatient and outpatient setting, partial hospitalization, and also emergency care. Inpatient care consist of patients who did not respond to the treatment and are referred to long stay ...view middle of the document...

Using computers and video cameras can significantly improve care for individuals with chronic health conditions and mental illness. However this is a great form of health there are some barriers that need to be removed to make these technologies practical. According to The Commission recommends that States address the barrier created by restrictive licensure and scope-of-practice restrictions that impede developing technology based services.

Health care do not cover or reimburse for the telehealth service in public and private payers sectors. Reimbursement must become flexible enough to allow evidence base practice to be implemented. This insures that the service delivered through new technology are sustained. This will require changing policies and support in all sectors of the health care industry. When working with mental patients interoperability requires a collaboration with health care workers and social service organizations. Their goal is to improve care for the patients by providing service that would enable these individuals to become productive members of their communities. Interoperability is generally more popular among those who mandate it rather than those who get stuck with implementing it. Interoperability is described as the extent to which systems and devices can exchange data, and interpret that shared data. For systems to be interoperable they must be able to exchange data subsequently present data such that it can be understood by users. Interoperability is the ability of health information systems that work together within and across organizational boundaries in order to advance the effective delivery of healthcare for individuals and the communities.

There are three levels of health information technology interoperability: Foundational, Structural and Sematic. The foundational interoperability allows data to be exchanged from information technology system to be received by another. Because of this interoperability this does not require the ability of the receiving system to interpret data. The structural interoperability is an intermediate level that defines the structure or format of data exchange. This uniform movement of healthcare data from one system to another for example the clinical or operational purpose and the meaning of the date is preserved and can’t be unaltered. The structural interoperability ensures that data exchange between information technology systems can be interpreted at the data field level. The semantic interoperability is the highest level and it has the ability to exchange information between two or more...

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