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Internship Report City Bank

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Chapter-1: Introduction

1.1Background of the report:
A report is something about a comment on specific considerable matter. It says positive and negative sides on a particular subject and gives proposals and suggestions for further improvement. If the report is on Banking Sector, it will be an analysis on financial strength or remittance flow and overall customer satisfaction on the provided service by a particular bank. ‘The City Bank Limited’-a renowned private commercial bank in the banking sector of Bangladesh, is very much dedicated for ensuring quality service to its customers. This report is about the customer satisfaction on the remittance flow of ‘The City Bank Limited.’

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1.3 Objective of the study:

The objective of the study is

➢ To identify the steps and procedures the bank is taking to grasp its existing customers as well as increasing it further and also an evaluation about their successes.

➢ To find out what necessary measures the bank has taken to satisfy it’s customers in an extreme level of competition.

➢ To give proposals and suggestions for the bank for further improvement.

1.4 Scope of the study: The report really focused on:

➢ A broad overview about the Bank.

➢ The remittance service provided by the Bank

➢ Customer’s viewpoint about the given services

➢ Proposals and suggestions for further Improvement

1.4 Limitations of the study:

The study is based on sample data collection and annual report. So the accuracy of data and real features are maintained as much as possible. Thus the report can be treated as a perfect one. But it is also true, very few things in this terra can be told as perfect. This sample based report may have some limitations in this regard. But the real thing is that the all out effort behind making this report will overcome the limitations.

Chapter -2: Methodology

2.1 Variables Covered:
For the purpose of collecting data, a well structured questionnaire was constructed. The variables in there are:

Independent Variable: Customer Satisfaction

Dependent variables: Type of accounts
Number of accounts
Comparison with other banks

2.2 Sampling Design:

The number of questionnaire is 19. So, the sample size is 19 here.

2.3 Methods of Collecting Data:

Data are collected at random basis. Potential customers are chosen. In collecting data, the intention of customers is highly preferred.

2.4 Analytical Tools Used:

The questionnaire is analyzed by using statistical formula of Mean, median and Mode

After that their frequency is determined and showed as percentage

Chapter-3: Company profiles

3.1 Historical Background:

The City Bank Limited, since it’s incorporation as a private commercial bank in the country from 1983, continued to maintain its stable position in the industry. It took a strategy of quality growth by adhering to compliance in all areas of operation. Bank consolidated its position as one of the successful financial institutions and maintained satisfactory growth across many of its business lines. Bank remained, focused in all key areas covering capital adequacy, meeting provision for loans and advances, good asset quality, sound management, satisfactory earning and strong liquidity.

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited was incorporated as a public limited company with limited liability on the 14th march 1983 under company’s act 1993 in Bangladesh with the primary objective to carry on all kinds of banking business. The registered office of the bank is at Jibon Bima...

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