Internet Tools At Dirt Bikes Essay

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Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes
Cole N Bratton
IT 205
March 23, 2014

Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes
Updating a network system in an organization could greatly reduce the cost of communications within the company by connecting all departments in the organization to one main network and server with all the information that will be needed for sales, marketing, human resources, manufacturing, and production of the product. This goal can be accomplished by creating a local area network, also known as a LAN, which will connect all of the organizations personal computers and devises to each other. Popular LAN operating systems are made available from Linux or Novel.
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The sales and marketing team would be allowed easy access to competitor’s promotions and sales, allowing them a quicker response time to organize Dirt Bikes own promotional campaign.
Once all computers within the organization are connected to one another, the marketing and sales teams will also be able to communicate with one another more efficiently through instant messaging and collaborate on sales promotions and best advertisement campaigns. Once the marketing team comes up with a promotional advertisement they can quickly communicate with the sales team and inform them on all the details.
Another benefit to the sales and marketing team is having all of the organizations information on sales trends easily available. With this information the sales and marketing team can better collaborate to create targeted advertisements for potential and repeat customers.
Not only would it create quicker communications, but it will give your organization a live chat option on your website, allowing potential customers to speak with a sales representative directly from the website to improve customer service, attract visitors, and encourage repeat business. Once a potential customer logs onto Dirt Bikes’ website, they will have the option to speak with a live sales representative, who will answer questions and suggest the best product for that potential customer, engaging them and bringing their attention more to the products offered.
During the manufacturing and production stage of Dirt Bikes’ product lines an organization wide network will assist the company in tracking parts and materials through different stages. Once a raw material is received, it can be scanned and entered into the organizations system. As that material moves through the production process it can be scanned at each step, allowing proper tracking of the materials. As each piece of material is scanned and moved throughout the organization having up to the minute information on the location of each piece...

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