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Internet Terminologies Essay

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ccesses |   | Document access, page accesss, site access, file access |
ADSL | Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line | A DSL line where the upload speed is different from the download speed. usually the download speed is much greater. |
Adware |   | Adware, or advertising-supported software, is any software application in which advertisements are displayed while the program is running. These applications include additional code that displays the ads in pop-up windows or through a bar that appears on a computer screen. |
All the Web |   | FAST, One of the fastest and most comprehensive of the search engines, but sadly used by only a very small fraction of searchers.  This excellent ...view middle of the document...

Ask gets its data from a variety of sources including paid directories, paid submissions and other search engines, and it seems to be growing in popularity in the uk, partly as a result of successful advertising campaigns in the media |
ASP |   | Active Server Pages, or Aplication Service Provider.  A dynamically created Web page with a .ASP extension that utilizes ActiveX scripting. When a browser requests an ASP page, the Web server generates a page with HTML code and sends it back to the browser. ASP pages are similar to CGI scripts |
Backbone |   | A high speed line or series of connections that forms a major pathway within a network. |
Bandwidth |   | Usually measured in bits-per-second, this is basically a description of how much data  can be sent through a connection in unit time.  Fast modems can move about 57,000 bits in one second. ISDN lines permit faster speeds, and Broadband access provides by far the fastest. |
Banner exchange | Link exchange | See reciprocal links |
Blog |   | From "web log". A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. Updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger." |
Body text |   | Actual text which is normally visible upon a webpage, as opposed to the images of text . Many site designers use images of text because it is easier to position and control on the page, especially for items such as navigation buttons.  Search engine robots cannot read this images of text,and consequently do not register the important keywords that it may contain.  |
Browser |   | A Client software program  that is used to look at various kinds of Internet resources. eg Internet explorer, Netscape Navigator |
Browser Hijacker |   | The alteration of the default browser starting page, search page, or favourites page to another webpage without permission. |
Cache |   | A cache temporarily stores web pages visited in the computer memory. A copy of documents retrieved is stored in cache. When you revisit a document by going, FORWARD, BACK, your Browser first checks to see if it is in cache and will retrieve it from there because it is much faster. Cache settings can be customised. |
Certificate Authority |   | An issuer of security certificates used in SSL connections. |
CGI | Common Gateway Interface | cgi scripts,  stored in cgi-bin  The most common way Web programs interact dynamically with users. Many search boxes, mail forms and other applications that record or fetch data from a website rely on CGI scripts to process the data once it's submitted and to pass it to a background program such as  Javascript, or Perl. |
cgi-bin |   | The most common name of a directory on a web server in which CGI scripts and programs are stored. |
Client |   | A software program that is used to contact and obtain data from a server software program on another computer.   A web browser is a specific kind of Client. |
Co-location |   | Having a server that belongs to one person or group...

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