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Title: Internet, technology, marketing and security





Social media marketing is a method that has been adapted by most multinational as well as transnational companies all over the world. This method has been adapted for a number of reasons. The method can be said to be influenced by the expanding global market which has been influenced by globalization. Social media marketing entails the use of social media to advertise products to the market. Social Medias are where people from different walks of life get together and keep track of each other’s life progress. In light of this, it is easy for big companies to reach out to their market through social ...view middle of the document...

In most social networks, the users share information that is advertised from the site. This means that an individual may learn about some information from another party. This is an added advantage for the company since they get to market their products to a larger market for no pay. In addition to that, third party information is more relied on than the first hand information. Most people who use social media are likely to believe the information that they receive from their friends rather than the company itself (Burrow, 2012). This shows that the company only needs to influence one party or a very small number of people in order to reach out to the greater market which is influenced by the small party.
Companies that target a certain market are able to narrow down their market through social media. For instance, when a company tries to reach out to people of a certain age, it will market its product to a social network that is specifically used by the age group or market the product in a way that will attract then specific age group. Social media enables a company to know what the target market expects of the products and works towards satisfying that for the market. These facts can be found out through the comments that are brought forward by the market concerning the product. The response that the market has towards marketing of the product is also found out through the use of social media. This is especially determined through the tallying of the approvals or the declines that a product has.
Social media marketing is also used by companies due to the availability of social networking to the general public. This has been made possible by the fact that most phones these days have access to social networks. This is also supported by the fact that most people today are in possession of phones. This is a guarantee that they have access to social media as much as they want. By this, it means that they have constant access to the marketing of products by companies. When a company updates advertisements or promotions on social networks, the information will be viewed whether the party likes it or not. This is a good way of marketing since the product is exposed to a market that is interested and also to that which is not interested.
Another reason why social media marketing is being used by most companies is due to the recent technological advances. The world is constantly advancing and so is technology. Currently, a very high percentage of the world population spends most of its time on the internet. This fact has made it possible for companies to reach out to the market they want to. Technological development in some countries also enables the market to purchase products online (Qualman, 2011) the more a product is purchased the more effective the marketing strategies are considered to be. This shows that social media makes it easy for the market to purchase products. This is especially in cases where the product being marketed and purchased...

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