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Internet Marketing Essay

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Internet marketing nowadays plays a big role in the advertising world.
My chosen company , Coca Cola , already used (and still uses) internet marketing a lot by
Developing online video’s you (for example) can see as advertisements on YouTube.
They also make use of the marketing mix.
Integration of the extended marketing mix (7 P’s) :
Product: Coca Cola thinks about who their drinks are aimed at, what it does and what it actually is.
Because their product(s) are mostly aimed at a somewhat younger demographic they choose to promote their product on the internet through online ads and videos a lot.

Price: Coca Cola uses skimming/creaming as pricing strategy.
They maintain a ...view middle of the document...

Physical evidence : Before Coca Cola decides where and by who they want to sell their product(s), they make sure that the environment is clean and looks good.
For example : If Coca Cola wants to sell their bottles in a cafeteria they first do some research to decide whether or not the cafeteria meets their quality standards.


Coca Cola uses relationship marketing to keep existing customers by using the latest web technology and offer consumers the chance to give feedback or contact them through their website.
For example: Coca Cola uses web technology so consumers can view the products in a very detailed way and Coca Cola in the past has offered the opportunity to design your own coke bottle on the website.
Internet technology really helps Coca Cola to reach their target group(s) better.
This is because the internet can be used by everybody so even people who can’t/don’t come outside very much can still view and order their products online.


Before Coca Cola presents itself on the internet they have to decide exactly how effective or relevant this will be for the company.
This detailed web technology will bring Coca Cola into new markets.
For Coca Cola it is likely such thing will happen through market penetration.
This is because it suits them best. They are constantly striving to improve their products , customer services or their promotional information.
Coca Cola is already present in a lot of markets (also overseas) and they already deliver information over the web which (to me) rules out market and product development .


Coca Cola has business objectives they hope to achieve by creating a presence on the internet.
For example : Coca Cola’s objective is to increase their sales by 15% to 30-50 year olds who don’t have time to go into the city and rather buy clothing online within 6 months, so Coca Cola creates an online purchasing store.
Their business objective is SMART, because it is specific (they want to increase their overall sales) , measurable (15% to 30-50 year olds), achievable (if the business plan is good they will succeed), realistic (it can be achieved in this amount of time)...

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