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Internet Infrastructure In Turkey Essay

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Many things have changed since Arpanet. If we look to the 30 or 40 years back, we may be startled to see how much has changed in such a small span of time (and in such a fast way). The first thing that strikes our mind about this change is the "speed of the Internet": The first "backbone" had a bandwidth in 2 Kbps. Nowadays it has a bandwidth of 10 Gigabytes per second. We have mutliplied our speed 5-10 thousand times in the course of the time. Another example is the number of people using the computer Networks in Turkey.  The Internet which was being used by only a few people 40 years ago, has now become the “network of networks” that has been shared ...view middle of the document...

It achieves this mission by distributing IP address blocks to the institutions. As one can easily guess, the existent IP blocks are apportioned worldwide.


Currently, the IP addresses are 32 bytes. In binary system, it corresponds to 232 number of IP addresses. If we leave out some IP addresses that have specific purposes, there are approximately 4 billions of IP addresses in the world. We can easily conclude that this not enough to connect the total of the world population to the Internet. The reason is not the fact that each person on earth demands to connect to the Internet. Indeed, the main factor for the insufficiency of the IP addresses is that IP addresses were distributed lavishly in the course of the time. This drawback is the result of the initial design.

In the course of the history, it may be said that Internet is one of the greatest innovations that transformed the whole world. Especially, it greatly facilitated accessibility to the information as compared to the former times when there was no Internet. It is a well known fact that information is enriched, if it is shared; therefore, it is essentially important to share the knowledge with everyone. So, it is equally important that there is room to everyone on Internet. Then, it is felicitous to ask "Why don’t we change the current IP addressing system, and replace it with another one?". That is exactly the solution to the problem, and it is already worked upon. A new IP addressing system has been developed to eliminate the drawback. To differentiate between the two systems, they are named with their version numbers. The system currently used is called IPv4 and the new system is called IPv6.

Technically speaking, IPv6 differs fundamentally and structurally from IPv4. The first thing to mention as different from IPv4 is that IPv6’s address size was increased four times from 32 bytes to 128 bytes. This fundamentally erased the drawback of address insufficiency. Moreover, this solution was designed for future use as well. A 128-byte-address corresponds to 340.282.366.920.938.463.463.374.607.431.768.211.456 pieces of IPv6 addresses. This means that avagadro number of IPv6 addresses fall per square meter.

This is, of course, not the only difference and innovation that IPv6 introduces. For example, significant changes have been made on the header part of each IPv6 packets. These changes will enable the packets to be delivered faster and they will facilitate building of more secure communication infrastructures. Moreover, it will promote the audial and visual communication over Internet. There’s good news for the people complaining about the slowness of Internet: Some parts from the header of IPv4 have been removed because they were complicating things. The header is now fixed in length so that time will not be wasted on the routers anymore. The time saved here will enable the packets to be delivered faster. Moreover, the intelligence agents will not be pleased...

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