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Internet Café Essay

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Galaxy Web and Café
It is a simple restaurant and Internet Café with food and drink served and Internet service provided both for free and paid. It is a family private company in Cambodia.
The 1st Galaxy Web Café was opened at Parkway Square on October 31st, 2004 by local Phnom Penh entrepreneurs offering a new dining option to Cambodian people. With our continued growth over the years, Galaxy Web Café plays a positive role promoting local eating culture.

Galaxy Web Café's vision is to be the natural choice for today's health conscious people as all our fresh ingredients are carefully selected and our dishes are meticulously prepared. We promote Healthy Eating in ...view middle of the document...

Congee with Your Choice of Meat $2.25
Fried Egg Noodle with Your Choice of Meat $2.25
Fried Short Noodle with Your Choice of Meat $2.25
Phat Thai with Your Choice of Meat $2.25
Beef Lok Lak Fried Rice $2.25
Hainanese Chicken Rice $2.25
Eggs with Bread $2.25
Sandwich with Your Choice of Meat (Normal) $3.00
(Small) $2.00

Main Menu
Espresso $1.00
Cappucino $1.50
Fresh Brew Regular Coffee $1.00
Café Latte $1.50
Culi Robusta (N1) (Hot) $1.00
(Ice) $1.00
Milk(Hot) $1.25
Premier Culi (N4) (Hot) $1.25
(Ice) $1.25
Milk(Hot) $1.25
Milk(Ice) $1.25
Fresh Fruit Juice & Smoothie
Fresh Orange Juice $2.00
Fresh Apple Joice $2.00
Fresh Carrot Joice $2.00
Fresh Watermelon Juice $1.50
Fresh Pineapple Juice $1.50
Lime Juice $1.50
Sour Sop Smoothie $2.00
Honey Melon Smoothie $2.00
Papaya Smoothie $2.00
Passion Smoothie $2.50
Trocheak Kranh with Honey $2.00
Passion Fruit with Fresh Milk $2.00
Other Beverage

Evian Mineral Water (500ml) $2.00
(1,500ml) $5.00
Alpine Purified Water (500ml) $1.00
(1,500ml) $2.00
Soft Drink (Coke) $1.25
(Sprite) $1.25
(Fanta) $1.25
(Soda) $1.25
Ice Cream (Vanilla) $1.50
(IChocolate) $1.50
(Coconut) $1.50
(Mixed) $1.50
Beer (Angkor) $2.00
(Tiger) $2.50
(Heineken) $2.50
Rice & Congee
Beef Lok Lak Fried Rice $3.00
Yangzhou Fried Rice $2.50
Fried Rice Wrapped in Egg Sheet $3.00
Hainanese Chicken Rice $3.00
Fried Rice (Pork) $2.50
(Beef) $2.50
(Seafood) $2.50
Fried Your Choice of Meats with Hot Basil + Steamed Rice (Pork) $3.00
(Beef) $3.00
(Chicken) $3.00
Fried Your Choice of Meat with Ginger + Steamed Rice (Pork) $3.00
(Beef) $3.00
(Chicken) $3.00
Fried Your Choice of Meat with Green Pepper + Steamed Rice (Pork) $3.00
(Beef) $3.00
(Prawn) $3.00
(Seafood) $3.00
Congee (Special) $3.00
(Chicken) $2.00
(Pork) $2.00
Fried Rice & Egg Noodle
Fried Egg Noodle (Pork) $2.50
(Beef) $2.50
(Chicken) $2.50
(Seafood) $2.50
Phat Thai (Pork) $3.00

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