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Internet Based Companies Essay

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Internet based companies today are on edge of this fact paced growing industry. Trying to increase revenue along with staying ahead of technology is becoming quite the task in itself. Google and Facebook are head to head now with Google leading the entire industry in revenue. The question to now ask is what should Facebook, along with other internet based companies such as Yahoo or Twitter, do to keep up and what strategies can be put into place to do so?
Overall, the typical internet advertising strategies are the same. You want to be clear you are covering all of the following:
* Identify your Target Audience
* Knowledge of who is paying attention to your ads
* A ...view middle of the document...

So within that information the companies who wish to place the ad will contact Facebook and then they will find out who the ad appeals to more so that it will be placed on their pages when on the Facebook website. GENIOUS! By adding more information to a profile, this gives more opportunities to show you more ads that will relate to you. This way, the consumer is not just seeing SPAM ads that may not even pertain to their lifestyles which are typically what ads you will see when using Google search.

Another great idea is that Facebook has gotten a grasp of what their future needs to look like. They have recently started promoting ads within the News Feed section of the site. The problem with this idea is that this may drive consumers away/annoy them with just more “spam”. If they can find a catchy way to incorporate these into the site than they may be successful and be able to bring more ad revenue in by promoting to companies that more viewers are clicking on these sites because they are directly in front of the consumer. (Tech Crunch)
Google’s approach is a bit similar but they still have a large hit or miss area. This internet based company makes vast revenue when people SEARCH for something, so that they can see what they are searching for and then determine that this could be an interest and place ads on the site when visited by this consumer. (Google Ad revenue surges, 2012)
Overall, the advertisers are choosing Google over Facebook most likely because of the history Google has within the industry. It is the longest company today so many ad placers are going to feel more comfortable that their ad will be seen by MORE viewers. Facebook seems to be more concentrated not on the NUMBER of viewers to the ad, but more the relation of the ad to that specific viewer. The more targeted consumer information available the more likely it is that a consumer will be purchasing that product or service or at least clicking to view.
I believe that the Traditional Media Advertising Strategy is a very important role here in such that before writing this paper I was not aware of the possible information Facebook or Google had in order to relate an ad to me as a consumer. I believe...

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