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Internet Banking Essay

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Internet Banking FAQs
What are the transactions that I can do ? What are the other delivery channels? What are the different Banking Services in Internet Banking? What are the different kinds of Fund Transfer in Internet Banking? What are the formalities to access an Internet Banking Facility? I have not received my user id and password? How do I enable the Online Banking after getting the user id and passwords? Can I use a Laptop to access Allahabad Bank Internet Banking? What are the system requirements I need to access Allahabad Bank Internet Banking? Getting slow response when I am accessing the Allahabad Bank Internet Banking. Why? How can I clear my browser cache? ...view middle of the document...

A Welcome Kit will be sent to you by post. You have to collect your login password from the branch. The transaction password will be sent to you separately by post.

I have not received my user id and password? Please contact the branch.

How can I enable the Online Banking after getting the User ID and Password? Login using the User id and login password.

After the first login you MUST CHANGE the Login Password and Transaction Password.

Can I use a Laptop to access Allahabad Bank Internet Banking? The Laptop should meet all the system specifications required by the Allahabad Bank Internet Banking. Then only you can use your Laptop to access Allahabad Bank Internet Banking.

What are the system requirements for accessing Allahabad Bank Internet Banking? Minimum PIII Processor 128 /256 MB RAM Operating System: Windows 98 and above Internet connection through a service provider Browsers: Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, Netscape Navigator Getting slow response when I am accessing the Allahabad Bank Internet Banking. Why? o You are not using the recommended browser, operating system and hardware. o Your Internet Service Provider, Local Area Network may be facing sporadic slowness.

How can I clear my browser cache?

Internet Explorer Go to “Tools” Go to “Internet Options” Select “General” Click on “Delete Files” at “Temporary Internet Files” Netscape Navigator Go to “Netscape” or “Edit” Go to “Preferences” Double click on “Advanced” Select “Cache” Click on “Clear Memory Cache” and “Clear Disk Cache”

How can I disable the ‘Auto Complete’ option in the browser? • Open Internet Explorer • Go to “Tools” • Select “Internet Options” and then select “Contents” • Under "Personal Information", click on "Auto Complete" • Uncheck "User names and passwords on forms" and click on "Clear Passwords". • Click “OK”

What is 128-bit Secure Socket Layer?

It is a secure session protocol used to encrypt sessions between browsers and the web server to prevent sensitive application data being intercepted. SSL provides a secure channel for data transmission over the Internet. It allows for the transfer of digital signatures to authenticate users and provides message integrity, ensuring that your data cannot be altered on route. Browsers can also display a certificate to the user about the source of a secure transmission. This assures Internet users that they are

communicating with the financial institution's service provider and not a third party trying to intercept the transaction on the Internet. Applications that use this protocol know how to encrypt and decrypt data traveling between two SSL ends. To send an SSL connection, however, or to open a secure connection, your application must first have an encryption key assigned to it by a Certification Authority. Once it has a unique key of its own, you can establish a secure connection with every other application that can "speak" the SSL protocol.


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