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Internet And E Business Essay

3646 words - 15 pages

EWebsite Design
Course Instructor: Ms. Hira Jawaid


Characteristics of Web Pages

Print vs. Web Pages

Elements of Web Page Design

Principles of Web Page Content

Dos and Don’ts

Website Reader Friendliness Checklist



Characteristics of Web Pages

Create building blocks of a website, like a page in a book

Require a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox etc to be

Contain HTML (hyper text markup language) code to define format
and functions

Include text, downloadable files, audio, video and animation in
different formats

Allow non linear navigation to other pages through hyperlinks


Print vs. ...view middle of the document...

State your purpose/Objective

What is the main purpose of developing the Website?
◦ review your mission statement

Do you want your web site to accomplish all or some of those things?

◦ the more goals, the more difficult the task becomes

What information do you need or want to provide?


2. Determine your Audience

Who is the information for?
◦ Do you have more than one audience?
◦ Can you serve them all with one Web site?

What are their interests and needs?

Are they proficient in using technology available?

Do you have the equipment and materials necessary to meet their needs?

What will they get from your site? Learn anything or accomplish a task?

What are the information needs of your audience?

What are their habits, characteristics, culture, technical capabilities, etc.
◦ Are they likely to start with the Web or another information source?


3. Define the Content

What kind of information will be provided on your website?

Is it educational information or entertainment?

Does the content meet the information needs of your audience?

Is it relevant? interesting?

Is it current and accurate?

Will web pages be effective in conveying and distributing the information?


4. Identify Essential Resources

Do you have the management’s support?

Is the allocated budget enough for the creation and publishing of the web

Do you have the manpower?

Do the personnel involved in the project have the needed expertise?

Are the necessary materials already available?

What is your timeline for the creation of the web site?

Try it out: Optimize it for your audience

Test it in-house.

Test it on a sample audience.

Test it on as many different computers and monitors and browsers as

Test it using various Internet connections.
◦ Modems
◦ Direct connects

What are the elements of a web page?

Title – title of the web page

Web address – URL of the page shown at the browsers address box

Content – information on the page - text, graphics and other media types

Design – style of the page, font, color, background, visual elements

Structure – layout of the page, title, headings, tables, frames, navigational tools,

Hyperlinks – links to related resources


Elements of a web page

Document title
Address (URL)
Web page

Table /

l tools

Footer /

Elements of Web Page Design

Overall look of the Webpage





Color and Graphics

Navigation Tools

Visual Balance


Overall look of the Webpage
Match the purpose of the web site and its appropriate information to
the target audience
 Maintain consistency, clarity and simplicity – uniform color scheme
 Use of colors, images, hyperlinks and web technology effectively
 Organize the design elements...

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