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Internet Addiction Essay

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Historical Analysis Paper: Internet Addiction- A Rising Issue
The number of Internet users has intensely went up over the years due to the growing accessibility of the Internet. In 2009 the amount of time Americans spent online increased by over a hundred percent from 2004. China, Japan, the United States, Brazil and India are currently the countries containing the largest populations of Internet users world-wide. The countries most plagued with Internet Addiction Disorder include mainly the countries within the continent of Asia such as China and South Korea as well as Northern America, United States (Conrad). Internet addiction has become a serious problem that is progressively ...view middle of the document...

6-4.8%), it is average in the general population (6-15%), and tops outt for college students (13-18.3%); these statistics are for those in the United States (Young, Abreu 4). A pilot survey was done in 2011 on about 300 students from two United States universities in which each student completed the Internet Addiction Test and the Patient Health Questionnaire. The results displayed a strong correlation between high rates of depression and extreme Internet use. Hence, Christakis subsequently advised, since “Internet usage begins during early to middle childhood, pediatricians should make assessment of Internet usage a part of preventative practice” (Christakis). In 2007, the Indian Institute of Technology, a very prestigious engineering college, constrained Internet usage in the late hours due to several reports of suicides that were resulting from an antisocial disposition which was seemingly associated with Internet addiction. In only 2001, Yang had “estimated that 10% of students met the criteria at the University of Taiwan.” (Young, Abreu 5)
College students are often the major victims of Internet addiction because the dynamic act of moving on to college symbolizes the independence and the freedom of a child, and this sudden change in lifestyle could cause oneself to inappropriately adjust to the situation possibly leading one down the wrong path. The Internet Addiction Treatment Center established by Microsoft, commonly known as ReSTART, in Redmond, Washington, cited frequent cases of “students who ran up large debts or dropped out of college due to their obsession” which displayed the often extreme and unpleasant consequences of getting hooked to the Internet (Siew). The administrators of Alfred University contributed to these findings by discovering a significant correlation between Internet Addiction and college dismissals which doubled (Kandell 12). The consequences do not only reflect into the student’s academics but also extend towards his health and wellbeing, often leading to psychological issues such as depression, drowsiness, ADHD, overuse of alcohol, and physical as well as emotional injury. At this fragile age, students fail to understand that the consequences of Internet Addiction could affect their future and pull them away from their primary goal in life. Thus this “convenience” could essentially become a hindrance for students who could end up overusing the Internet for their entertainment or other purposes, leading to habit and necessity.
This habit is consequently solidified into addiction when the education system itself encourages the use of the Internet. Online homework, course syllabuses, and professor contacts only increase the necessity of utilizing the Internet to complete school-related tasks. The majority of students in class, however, get distracted from their learning process by games, socializing, and other more intriguing options online (Kandell 11). In February of 2012 a study was performed at...

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