Internet A Pleasant Yet Perilous World

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Internet - a pleasant yet perilous world
The Internet is a never-ending global adventure. Nowadays, people can search for information, chat or video call and shop online in just a few mouse clicks. Internet has given individual users in different ages, firms and organizations many usages they did not have before. Along with all these comforts, the Internet can also be an unsafe place if you are not careful. Limitations in ones personal life, temptations and virus threats are some of the dangers. In this text I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Internet.

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Such virtual communities demand personal data. This can be vulnerable because hackers can get to the information or steal credit card data, additionally misuse it . We obviously do not want that. Social media has its ups, however it gets easier to bully and offend others from behind the screen. The hackers can also make viruses and inflict them into other computers and make the system crash, by simply making you click on a link or download a file. In addition, age-inappropriate content like pornography is a serious issue regarding the Internet, especially for younger users. When using the Internet you have to be aware and cannot be naive.

To get the most out of the Internet, one must take some key things into account. One of the most important things is to never give any personal information to, or trust, any unknown – regardless of who they claim to be. You cannot know whether he or she is lying or pretends to be another. Another thing to keep in mind is to not fall for the temptations lurking in for example a seemingly harmless link, because it can have fatal consequences, e.g. an error in the system or likewise. Antivirus programs are great to have, just in case something occurs. Downloading prohibited material is illegal and regarded as a punishable offense, so we do not want to be doing that! Nonetheless, parents can lock harmful sites and monitor the sites viewed by their children, to prevent rather undesirable visits.

Young people as...

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