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International Treaty Essay

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It is a written agreement between certain subjects of international law and is governed by this, which can consist of one or more related legal instruments, and being indifferent to its name. As long as they are agreement involves at least two people who conclude an international legal international treaty. For example the rulers of each country meet to agree with their limits of countries to avoid problems with their territories.

International treaties must be in writing but may be oral. In the latter case ...view middle of the document...

So then the nations share ideas and common goals of mutual interest.

I. Treaties and other international instruments (Republic of Colombia as trustee).

- Convention on the Association of Caribbean States.

- Convention for the Protection and Development of the Marine Environment of the Wider Caribbean "and the" Protocol on Cooperation in Combating Oil Spills in the Wider Caribbean.

- Protocol relating to the areas and wildlife specially protected Convention for the Protection and Development of the Marine Environment in the Wider Caribbean.

- Protocol concerning pollution from land-based sources of the Convention for the Protection and Development of the Marine Environment of the Wider Caribbean.

- Convention establishing the Sustainable Tourism Zone of the Caribbean.

- Air Transport Agreement between the Member States and Associate Members of the Association of Caribbean States.

- Agreement between the Member States and Associate Members of the Association of Caribbean States for Regional Cooperation on Natural Disasters.

- Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of sustainable Caribbean area.

- Agreement establishing the International Office of Textiles and Apparel.

II. Extradition treaties.

Are treaties between countries that agree not to shelter those who have committed a crime, and in turn to arrest and extradite to their home country who has committed a crime in order to be judged.

- Bilateral extradition treaties.

✓ Belgium.

✓ Brazil.

✓ Chile.

✓ Costa Rica.

✓ Cuba.

✓ Spain.

✓ France.

✓ Mexico.

✓ Nicaragua.

✓ Panama.

✓ Peru.

- Multilateral extradition treaties.

1. Regional extradition treaties

• Agreement on Extradition (Caracas, July 18, 1911) Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.

• Convention on Extradition (Montevideo, December 26, 1933) United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina.



It consists of a bilateral or regional trade agreement to expand the market of goods and services between countries. Basically, is the elimination or substantial reduction of tariffs on goods between the parties, and agreements on services. This agreement is governed by the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) or by mutual agreement between the countries

• The U S
In force since May 15, 2012


• - The Colombia FTA opens to the world's largest market for goods and services, with more than 308 million people with an annual per capita income of U.S. $ 47,400 dollars.

• - The FTA creates a long-term policy framework, thereby promoting domestic and foreign investment in Colombia. NAFTA is a permanent instrument unlike ATPDEA not require periodic renovations and thus provides stability and predictability in the rules of trade in goods and services...

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