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International Operations Strategy Analysis


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Four Basic International Operations Strategies
International enterprises who by definition have to have a presence in more than one market must endure both pressures for cost reductions and for local responsiveness. The biggest challenge for these companies is to find the right balance between the two approaches because these place conflicting demands on business operations.
Practically all multinational firm use the above strategies or some variation of them when it ...view middle of the document...

That said, in order to establish a profitable business our product needs to have a presence in multiple countries which makes our company vulnerable to cost reduction and local responsiveness pressures just as the companies depicted above.
The majority of the tournament’s revenue will come from broadcasting deals from the different television stations across the United States and Latin America. That said, our cost reduction measures will be heavily dependent on the amount of revenue the competition generates on a per game basis. Moreover, said revenues will at the same time be dependent on the amount of viewership the competition draws. Alternatively, as expected the only way our tournament will draw enough viewership to procure acceptable profit margins is to attract top talent from the best teams to play in our competition.
The nature of our product allows us to provide a standardized product that will satisfy the demand from all the countries involved and even others whose team might not be part of the tournament. That said, the biggest issue with regards to operations strategy is the cost of media distribution. As a late entrant into the market, one of the biggest risks is the insufficient demand that might occur as a result of competition generated by other international tournaments. Consequently, said scenario has the potential to increase our broadcasting costs per game due to the stipulations aforementioned.
The low pressures for local responsiveness and increasing cost pressures enables us to narrow down the possible operations’ strategies that best fit our long term objectives. We can look at an international strategy and find that the few benefits do not outweigh the costs. An international strategy would allow the company to leverage economies of scale because the company can essentially sell the same product on the western hemisphere. However, imminent competition from other tournaments force us to be mindful of costs (O’Farrell, 2015). A localization strategy would not be a viable option for our enterprise because such strategy is best suited when consumer...

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