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International Security Essay

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International Security
The future of nation-state as the primary unit of action for world affairs can generally be said to be insecure. This may be mostly due to the increasingly world interconnection and also the move from a society monarchy to a communal one. The idea of globalisation has really intensified the interconnection globally which will lead to the world been interconnected to institutions of economics, politics and society. The challenges posed to nation-state by globalisation include; first, it reduces the ability of nation-state in influencing the economy in that all economic transactions are done in the global stage. Second it increases the transnational bodies which could ...view middle of the document...

The paradox was explained by Joseph S. Nye, Jr providing the explanation on the reasons why United States though deemed to be superpower cannot go operate alone in attaining its ambitions. United States is currently most powerful in military power but its share economical power with Europe and East Asia. They are various ways in which the US should follow in order to deal with this paradox; first it can follow a heavy-handed and unilateral foreign policy which will destroy the ability of the paradox shaping the global field. Secondly, the United States should also bind to the world through multilateral agreements and treaties. Thirdly, the United States can work hard into turning other nations into cooperative partners which will make them more likely to accept than resist the US foreign policies. The fourth aspect is through influencing the world through non-military ways which will help in convincing other countries to adopt the US policies.
The globalisation and the current economic interdependence are by far contributing to military developments and stability in the international level. The issue of globalisation has fully boosted the global security and stability through sharing of ideas and also through the aspect of economic interdependence. Globalization provides good communication networks which are required to maintain security and thus serve as strong facilitator of global security. This allows impacts of conflicts to not only be felt in the nations they occur but also in other nations in the world. The idea of globalisation and interdependence economy will help in resolving conflict with examples of those in...

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