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International Relation Essay

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Iran, when I hear this word, many things cross my mind. Among the few people who share the same experience as I did, there is one thing we know for sure. We will never forget those 444 days in Iran. Iran hostage crisis, yeah, it surely was a crisis. None of us knew our experience in Iran would be so different than what our government contract asked us to do. Although I have always been loved my country, I had one thing that kept going through in my mind every day when I was held as a hostage: failed foreign policy. We knew each one of us were victim of the U.S. foreign policy; Government knew this incident could happen. They might not have known that there will be a hostage crisis, but it ...view middle of the document...

At almost every meeting in the embassy, we were constantly reminded with the news regarding the regime in Iran. The current leader, known as Shah, has been directly blamed for the nation’s worst economic and living condition since Iran was built. Although all of us knew that Shah was treating his people poorly, such as using secret police and overusing his authority, no one in embassy could speak their opinion since all of us had to follow the orderss from the U.S government (Bowden 174.) Since U.S government was officially backing up the Shah in many ways, we sealed our lips and made sure that none of us were doing any actions that might show wills against directive from top authority (Sancton.) Slowly, we were getting used to that lifestyle just like we got used to spending hours in the busy office. But one special day in November, everything changed dramatically.
Around nine in the morning, I was enjoying my morning coffee and was talking to U.S. visa applicant. That day, there were less number of people in the waiting room than any other work days we ever had. Usually the waiting room was always full, due to the high number of U.S. visa applicants who wants to immigrate to the U.S. One hour later, I noticed the people in waiting room seemed anxious. Soon thereafter, I heard the siren ring and ran to the meeting room. All of the other embassy employees arrived in meeting room and started to ask each other. "What is going on? Does anyone know what is going on?" I was almost sure there is no fire alarm practice or any sort. While everyone was impatiently looking for someone to provide an answer, the ambassador came in. Without any hesitation, he started shouting words in the air. "Public riot has been occupied the street. And they are coming toward us next. Go to your office and destroy all classified documents first. Then we will talk"(Wells.) Soon as his words stopped, some were leaning against window to see what is going on and some ran toward their office. After arriving in my office, I separated the classified documents and began shredding it. As soon as shredding was over, I packed up all my family pictures and letters since my instinct told me to do so. When I was almost finishing up packing, I heard the number of footsteps dashing through hallway.
The Marine Guards, the team of guards to protect the embassy were running toward the gate. Looking at the gate, I saw faces with full of anger and tension. Maybe there was hundred or more people in the riot, I’m not sure. But I clearly remember the fence being knocked down because it couldn’t resist the weight of the people. This was something I had never seen before. The angered crowd began to throwing rocks at the windows and the Marine guards were soon disarmed and captured by rioter (Wells 182.) This was situation which no one had faced in our embassy. With these rioters approaching toward the main building, all of us instantly felt the one common thing: Our life is in danger.

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