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International Property Rights Essay

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Intellectual Property Protection is a very important because it protects innovation. Without the protection of ideas, people and business would not enjoy the full benefits of their creations. Intellectually property piracy is threat to all businesses, not just the ones located in the United States.
Institutions like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) advocate for better protection of intellectual property. These organizations help companies’ combat intellectual piracy. The main vehicle is intellectual property rights (IPR). Basically it gives registered owners of inventions, literary works, artistic works, symbols, names, designs and ...view middle of the document...

Find out if companies that are similar had issues with intellectual property protection in that country.

Be specific in contracts -
Companies should make sure that their contracts with foreign suppliers and partners have specific sections concerning intellectual property protection. Companies should make sure that these contracts have detailed IPR language regarding intellectual property. Legal counsel from that particular country should be consulted. In addition, conducting some due diligence of potential foreign partners can go a long way. U.S. Commercial Service can help with this.
Use the resources –
There are many U.S. government intellectual property resources that are at company’s disposal. These organizations help companies investigate and combat IP piracy. The following are some of the governmental organizations available.
* National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center
* U.S. International Trade Commission
* Trade Remedy Assistance Office
* Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
* U.S. Commercial Service...

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