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International Media Ethics Essay

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Guaranteed Constitutional Rights


Personal and Family Privacy

One’s Own Image


Right of Rectification & Reply—Free—Within six days

Right to Information and Its Limits

Limitations in Law—Honor, Privacy, Self-Image, Protection of Young People & Children, and Official Secrets (Obligated to Comply)


Substantial Freedom

Little Regulation or Control of the Media via Constitutional or Legislative Mandates

Religious and Political Organizations

Have to some extent their own media outlets (newspapers, radio, etc.) and their own ethical standards


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If you do not, you may loose your privilege to work as a journalist.

Positive Angle to News—The vast majority of your stories should be positive. When negative stories are done, you should highlight the positive aspects of the story. For example, if you are doing a crime story, you may want to emphasize how well the police handled the situation, how well the government deals with crime problems, how criminals are nearly always caught, etc.

Propagandistic Themes—You are expected to follow propagandistic themes using agreed upon interpretations of verifiable facts as the basis for your stories.


Exclusive Agreements

Opinion Polls

Publication of Names/Photographs


Press Council—You are expected to follow many of the recommendations of an active press council that has developed many recommendations for ethical decision making for professional communicators.

Village Journalism—Like community journalism in many small towns in the U.S., the truth must be beautiful to be broadcast.

Radio and Television Codes—You are asked not to broadcast criticisms of friendly countries nor to attack a religion or community.

Islamic Countries

You are expected to embrace four principles:

Exclusive Service to God--Assess God’s will and strive to serve God. Resist temptations to perpetuate political, social, economic or cultural idols.

Right and Wrong—Inform individuals about what is right and what is wrong through the vehicles of newspapers, radio, television and cinema.

Community—Strive to preserve and maintain unity by valuing equity, and justice. Communicate that everything belongs to God, including the state.

Piety—Cover the individual, spiritual, moral and psychological capacity for personal transformation, making the individual almost immune from excessive material desires of the world and able to achieve a higher level of self-consciousness.


Constitutional Guarantees--Freedom of Speech & Expression
and Ban on Censorship

Cannons of Journalism—Freedom of the press, spheres of news reporting and editorial writing, principle of editorial comment, impartiality, tolerance, guidance, decency

Privacy—You should have less concern about individualistic human rights like privacy more concern for continuance of a homogeneous society

Service—You should improve cultural and moral levels and foster rational attitudes

World Peace—You should conduct broadcasts in such a way as to contribute to world peace.

Polynesian Countries

Values—Cooperation over individual concerns, spiritual over materialistic, status-quo over change orientation, learning from past moreso than looking to the future

Criticism—You are not expected to criticize leaders too much because leaders bind society together and criticism of leaders is thought to undermine traditional discipline


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