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International Issue Paper

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International Issue: North Korea’s Return to the Six-Party Talks
Newspaper is one of the most influential forms of mass media. Thanks to the Internet, we can read every event in newspapers from all over the world, anytime and anywhere. It is not an exaggeration to state that we are surrounded by mass media. People usually think that newspapers always present events in objectively, and people believe that information from newspapers is reliable and accurate. However, unfortunately the information in newspapers does not always have an objective point of view. Like a historiography, newspapers reflect writers’ or editors’ own point of view on events, and sometimes that point of view is ...view middle of the document...

However, the Daily Yomiuri states there is still uncertainty whether North Korea really intends to return to the six-party talks “because it has not changed its stance of focusing on its negotiations with the United States” (Daily Yomiuri, Oct. 7, 2009). Two nuclear tests in North Korea have ruined its relationship with United States and damaged its relationship even its most reliable ally, China. The author of the Daily Yomiuri article mentions that the relationship between China and North Korea has become chilled since North Korea has conducted nuclear testing. Also, the author says that China seems to be afraid that sanctions against North Korea might shake China’s stability which is China’s top primary issue. The article gives warning to China that if China cannot persuade North Korea to return to the six-party talks, the most damaged party could be China. Finally, the writer emphasizes that China and North Korea are the most responsible, of all the members of the six party talks, for making them work.
However, Chinadaily, the newspaper from China, has a different opinion about the announcement of North Korea’s return to the six party talks. Basically, China also thinks that North Korea has to return to the six-party talks. The author states, “Premier Wen Jiabao’s three days visit to the DPRK has raised hopes that the six-party talks could resume” (Chinadaily, Oct. 13, 2009). However, the writer says that it is US-North Korea ties that are the most important in returning North Korea to the six-party talks. The article says that the United States will not rebuff North Korea’s conditions any more. If the Obama administration accepts the North Korea’s conditions and “continue[s] to be prudent in its show of sincerity and goodwill to end the hostility with Pyongyang” (Chinadaily, Oct. 13, 2009), it could result in the return of North Korea to the six-party talks. Contrary to the article from Japan, we can see the article from China considers the relationship between the US and North Korea, not that between China and North Korea, is the key to achieving North Korea’s denuclearization and return to the six-party talks. The author of the article also suggests alternative idea that multilateral dialogues should be created simultaneously with the six-party talks in case North Korea does not return to the six-party talks. This infers that China is also uncertain whether North Korea will return to the six-party talks.
In the American article, found in the Los Angeles Times, author Paul B. Stares states that North Korea will return to the six-party talks, and that the United States, along with China, Russia, South Korea, and Japan are jointly doing their best to persuade North Korea. Stares seems to think that the United States can handle this situation and suggests three reasons that make talking to North Korea worthwhile. The first reason is that as long as purpose of the six-party talks is denuclearization, if the US makes North Korea...

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