International Investment Project Essay

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International Investment Project

Section 1 – United States-Based MNCs
3M Co: The 3M Company was previously called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. The headquarters are based in the St. Paul suburb of Maplewood, Minnesota. They operate in more than 65 countries, employing 88,000 people and producing more than 55,000 types of products, which are available for purchase in more than 200 countries.
During the period Nov 24 – Dec 9, MMM stock’s highest price was $162.92 on Dec 4 and its lowest price was $157.70 on Dec 1. From November 24 to Dec 9, the overall growth was 0.59%. It followed the S&P closely.
Quintiles: This Fortune 500 company is the largest provider of biopharmaceutical development in the world. They conduct business in ...view middle of the document...


Section 2 – Foreign Stocks
Novo Nordisk: This Danish pharmaceutical company has production facilities in 7 countries and offices in 75 countries. It specializes in diabetes care medications and devices as well as hemostasis management, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy. Compared to the other stocks in this report, it did very well over the last two weeks, perhaps due in part to the Bank of America’s recommendation to invest in it in order to profit from the high levels of obesity around the world (since it is a top producer of insulin and other diabetes care).
During the period Nov 24 – Dec 9, NVO stock’s highest price was $46.45 on Dec 5 and its lowest price was $44.46 on Nov 24. From November 24 to Dec 9, the overall growth was 3.58%. It followed the NASDAQ OMX.
Roche Holding: This is the holding company of Hoffman-La Roche, a Swiss global health care company. The headquarters are located in Basel, Switzerland, and it has many pharmaceutical and diagnostic sites around the world, as well as 26 manufacturing sites. It is also a member of European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.
During the period Nov 24 – Dec 9, Q stock’s highest price was $302.45 on Dec 1 and its lowest price was $297.86 on Nov 28. From November 24 to Dec 9, the overall growth was 0.24%. It followed the SMI, which had similar trends as the S&P.
Novo Nordisk

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