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International Human Resource Manegment Essay

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RP Assignment Outline



Reference System: APA.

Primary Question:

What are the impacts of the internationalisation of HRM?

Thesis statements:

Internationalisation effects on the human resource management in different ways .Its has an impact on the level of qualifications, recruitment and the exchange of HRM approaches.


1. Introduction

Draft 1:

2. The internationalisation of HRM.

The internationalisation combines with the human resource and form the concept of the internationalisation of HRM (IHRM). Internationalisation effects on the human resource management in different ...view middle of the document...

There is increasing evidence that such large organizations are not leaders in any real sense of the word. The crucial question is this: in what respects are large merger- and acquisition-based conglomerates "multinational/global" rather than owners of a portfolio of fragmented, under-optimized operations stretching across a diverse range of countries.

2.2. The Human Resource Management.

The majored job for the Human Resources is managing employee's .Human Resource Management (HRM) is an organisation’s activities builds to attract the employees, training them to improve and develop them to succeed and give an efficient outcome. HRM engages everyone to work and develop.

Managing human resources effectively requires professional expertise of HR professionals in the HR department; that professional expertise should be in contact with the managers and other employees. HRM also involves continuously improving and changing activities that will end with a high quality results. Consequently, HRM includes ,the people managing activities, policies, and practices that firms can use to compete effectively .In order to have an effective outcome the administration of the human resource should conceder the new competitors, new technology, business restructuring, legal, and social concerns that should be understood by the organizations and respond to in order to compete effectively and succussed. Every HRM department must give a high attention to their employees that will required many things. First it should explain the job description to the employees and put them in the right track .second the HRM department should be aware of recruiting and selecting new staff and make sure that they are the right employees in the right place, this point is very important it will affect on the outcome positively or negatively. Tiered is to arrange and conduct the employees performance and make sure that they are developing. Fourth, the administration should plane for the future staffing and list the company requirements for the employees. Fifth and the last are to achieve the HRM policy for example, equal opportunities (the line manager should be aware of the legal requirements that might affect the HRM).

2.3. Internationalisation of HRM.

Over the past two decades the internationalisation of HRM activities states the foreign partnership. Internationalisation of HRM aims to improve the foreign investments and making a business activities and relationships with other foreign countries. (j.hassid and I.fafaliou , 2006)

The concept of internationalisation can be defined in many ways. Regarding to the typical definition, it is the process which the international presence of a company increases and development. Its aim is to extend the local companies...

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