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International Finance Essay

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Golden Flight Airlines
Marketing Plan

Executive Summary
Yilmaz investment and ZK Holding make a joint venture and Golden flight will be
established at NYC.As a result of developments in today's global world, information and
Communication technologies, such as the airlines are also affected by increased competition in
Many sectors.
Competition is increasing in importance with the increase in marketing activities. Both
national and international markets in competition for the airlines, has become an important issue
in the name of marketing activities to survive.
Marketing Trend
We believe that our business will be successful; we provide computability, tasty food
, ...view middle of the document...

Marketing is defined as in 1985 by the American Marketing Association, "to achieve personal and organizational goals to achieve exchanges of ideas, goods and services, development and pricing. ( Mucuk , 2001). The airline companies has similar features in the services sector, although to be successful on today`s market conditions, they must give particular importance to marketing activities. While doing this, they should understand their customer`s desires and expectation correctly. They should be the fastest way application with the reasonable cost of goods and services. Airline marketing defined as airline transportation of goods and services with customer needs and requests so as to realize business goals and objectives of the development and pricing. Although; it is defined as the process of planning and execution. (Bolat, 1998)

Airline marketing has different features such as service businesses.

* Airline services is not concrete also pre-trial is not possible.
* Services cannot stockpile and move. To consume for each of the services business is a loss.
* Services are consumed where they are produced
* Services is not homogeneous and services differences may occur in any production.

A business marketing system is composed of marketing organization, marketed goods and services (Aircraft, reservation services, organized campaigns, and air routes, aircraft of the services, airport ground handling services), Target Market (business travelers, leisure travelers, etc.), marketing organization and Sunday between the agents (IATA Agents, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, etc.), environmental factors (demographic, economic, social and cultural environment, etc.)
Micro-and macro-environment is affected by operation of an airline marketing system. Micro-environmental is formed from, market, product, distribution, sales promotion, pricing, while the macro environment, the demographic environment is composed by economic environment, political and legal environment, socio-cultural conditions, competitors and technology.

The newly built home in the Golden Flight Airline company to make a curve due to the expectations of the product life will be as follows.

a. A sale of product begins to gain recognition. It is observed mobility.
b. Promotion efforts are concentrated in this period and we cannot expect profit.
c. The release of a new product to market, the first non-captive customers is suppose to have high-income and They suppose to be innovative. Zone.
d. Our company Golden Flight can not make aggressive marketing.
e. Product cost is higher.
f. Marketing activities are intense.
g. Efforts to penetrate the market are low.
Golden Flight Mission
Golden Flight provides safe, high quality with competitive price different services to be among the world's leading airlines. The security is priority of all passengers keep the highest level of satisfaction. Well-trained, experienced and friendly...

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