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International Communication Essay

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1. One phrase that I heard my son, Seth, use while riding in the backseat of my Toyota Camry, on November 6, as I was driving on Airline Drive is “tricked out.” He pointed out an older model car that was painted lime green, as well as, having wild looking rims. Seth exclaimed, “Mom, Look at that car! It may be tricked out, but it still is old.” This phrase was a reference to a description characteristic when describing a car that is modified with many types of aftermarket parts; to Americans the phrase means "heavily accessorized." A person from another culture could interpret this expression to mean a vehicle performing magic tricks.
2. A second expression is one that I used at home on ...view middle of the document...

” This statement was used when describing my grandfather’s behavior, especially since the passing of my grandmother this past February. My grandparents both were orphans by the age of ten and did not grow up in an overly affluent family. Even after they were married and worked extremely hard while raising four daughters, my grandparents were not wealthy. However, their financial status completely changed in the early 1980’s when the oil and gas business began to expand. It was through wise investment decisions that their net worth began to grow exponentially. Family members have shared with me how money did not negatively change the person that my grandmother had always been, however, it did have an effect on my grandfather. Over the years, my grandfather has made many statements that are forever engrained in my mind regarding his wealth. One statement being that I will definitely need him before he ever will need me due to the enormous amount of money he has in the bank, as well as, investments with numerous oil and gas wells in Louisiana and Texas. Now that my grandfather is older, and his health is failing, he not only must use the elevator in his house, rather than take the staircase, he is unable to stay at his home alone. He refuses to get a sitter because he is afraid they would steal from him. He does not have any friends, and refuses to visit the two sisters he has that are still living because he feels they treated him poorly when he was a young boy. My grandfather may have great wealth that he can spend, but the most important things in life cannot be bought with money; therefore, I believe he is extremely a miserable person. To someone whose first language is not English, he or she might would wonder how a person can be rich and poor at the same time.
4. A fourth expression is an idiom that I heard while watching television on November 9: “The straw that broke the camel’s back.” Oprah Winfrey was interviewing a spiritual leader, Marianne Williamson, on one of her Super...

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