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International Committee Of The Red Cross

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‘We were an orgn made up of Swiss generalists. We are becoming a multicultural and professional enterprise.”
Dr. Jacques Stroun, M.D. – (1999) Director of Human Resources & Finance (before Head of Detention Division, Deputy Director of Operations)
ICRC – provide humanitarian relief, Humanitarian ‘Multinational’ Organisation
Home base: Geneva, Switzerland
Orgn Values – Neutrality, Independence, Discretion & Humanism
Total Workforce – (2008) over 14,000 over 100 nationalities
Until recently – ICRC is very Swiss , very Genevoise
Expatriate – open to all nationalities but 93% is ...view middle of the document...

Interests & competencies with orgn’s needs & priorities; growing diversity especially promo of women to top mgmt positions.
ICRC Culture – barrier to implementation of new strategic direction?
2. THE HUMANITARIAN SECTOR (external environmental change)
World witness massive increase of both natural and man-made disasters
Globalisation and terrorism
2003 – 200 million – natural disaster; 45 million – complex emergency ie. Civil war
End of Cold War – leads to more intractable type of war
Greater political instability – weak governance
Armed conflicts – active and deliberate targeting of civilians, widespread human rights abuses & use of crimes of violence as weapons of wars
Humanitarian – politicised
Securing funds –more difficult; net aids from DAC fallen sharply
UN – An Agenda of Peace, no universal criteria for military humanitarian interventation
Peace-keeping operations; UN impartiality?
UN agencies –centralised decision making; ICRC – start in the field
Armed conflict –danger, unpredictable, precipitous change, hardship, chaos – stress and burnout –
PERFORMANCE – Survival & Integrity of Individuals and group of people; employee survival, keeping life and limbs. – High turnover of expatriates & limits staff experience and inst. Memory.
Humanitarian ops – less about crisis and emergency BUT more of rehabilitation & development to build local competencies

IRCRC – largest humanitarian network in the world
Orgn – IRC ie ICRC, IFRC & over 180 National Societies or NS
3 entities bounded by common heritage & commitment to 7 Fundamental Principles
i.e. humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity & universality
independent but often work with partners
IFRC – focuses on natural or technological disasters; support public sector, work with NS
ICRC – guardian of Red Cross Principles & of International Humanitarian Law, recognition provider to NS, signatory to the Geneva Convention

1859 – Henri Dunant, witness the War of Italian Unification, wrote A Memory of Solferino, proposed 1. Formation of national relief societies to supplement armed forces with medical; 2. Develop international convention to protect sick & wounded in combat.
Red Cross – reflects Swiss values ie. Autonomy, egalitarianism, consensus-seeking
Switzerland – federalism; French (HQ) and English (field)
Red Cross – Red Crescent – Red Crystal (sign of purity & transparency)

5. ICRC STRATEGY 2007 -10
2006 – Identify key internal & external challenges :
Due to increasing competition, What sd be the scope of actions or range of ICRC activities?
Sd ICRC go for a niche strategy?
What type of relationsp sd ICRC established with partners &...

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