International Branding Essay

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1. Understanding Branding

A brand in its simplest form is a name, logo, design or image used by an organization to identify a product or service and distinguish it from that of their competitors (Kotler et al 2012). However, the perceptions about brands are changing, and many academics now define brand as a powerful psychological construct held in the minds of all those aware of the branded product, organization or movement (Kylander and Stone 2012).
Unlike the commercial sectors, charities and the not-for-profit sectors have long been reluctant to engage in strategic branding activities. Despite big charity organisations like RSPCA and Greenpeace having universally recognized brand ...view middle of the document...

2.1a Role of Brand Cycle (Kylander and Stone 2012)
The model describes non-profit brands as cyclical, and nested within the two layers of ‘organizational’ strategy and ‘missions and values’ of the organization.
Improving the brand’s identity and image can help to increase the cohesion and trust within the organization and increase the brand’s impact and reputation, which will further enhance the brand’s image and identity. However, because of its cyclic nature, any reversal in the cycle can negatively impact the reputation, trust and ultimately tarnish the brand image (Kylander and Stone 2012).
3. The Scottish Wildlife Trust

The Scottish Wildlife Charity is one of 367 wildlife Charities in the UK that has recently hopped on the re-branding bandwagon ( It is a membership-based registered charity that was founded in 1964 by Sir Charles Connell to conserve Scotland’s biodiversity and natural fauna.
Being an organisation that champions its cause by inspiring people to take positive actions through activities, policies, campaigns and partnerships, it has been crucial for the Trust to create a strong and credible brand identity to reach out to its audience and stakeholders.
The charity has been successful in creating an appealing brand personality, starting with the replacement of their lacklustre logo of a mountain and glen (Fig.1) with a more attractive and identifiable logo (Fig.2) that reflects the charity’s work. According to DeChernatony and McDonald (1998), the easiest way for a consumer to know if a brand’s values reflect their own values is through a brand personality.
Right from the beaver that represents the charity’s work to introduce beavers into the Scottish landscape, to the tiny native Scottish primrose flowers of Northern Scotland that are being conserved by the Trust, each elements on the logo depicts what the charity stands for and the experiences that can be enjoyed as part of the organization. Carefully chosen symbols as these can help to reinforce critical association, draw attention to their offerings and reinforce the brand. (Kahn 2013)

Fig.3.1a Old logo Fig.3.1b New Logo

Contrary to what is observed in many charity brands, The Scottish Wildlife Trust has paid attention not to limit their focus on creating an attractive logo, but have taken consistent efforts to complement their visual identity by echoing their ‘passion for wildlife’ through all activities of the organisation (Tapp, 1996).
The Trust’s strategy has been successful in attracting the highest number of members to the charity since its inception (Scottish Wildlife
4. The Scottish Wild Life Trust Vs Patek Philippe Luxury Watches – A Comparison

With one of their top range watches on sale with a price tag of 5.5...

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