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International Essay

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Country Description | Cultural * Major Languages: English (Official Language), Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba. * Religion: Christianity and Islam. * Nigeria is a multinational state. It has more than 500 ethnic groups.Administrative. * Nigeria has maintained its political stability successfully. * Three distinct systems of law in Nigeria: Common Law, Customary Law and Sharia law.Geographic * Nigeria is a costal country, so it has access to the shipping routes. * Inadequate infrastructures for logistics and supply chain.Economic * High potential for growth in economy. * Significant Difference in income levels between rich and poor. * Abundance of workforce. * Untapped ...view middle of the document...

* Economic * Significant growth in national GDP and per capita income. Untapped * Significantly cheaper manpower that can be easily trained. |
Country Description | Cultural * Major Languages: Malaysia (Official Language), English. * Religion: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity.Administrative * A stable political environment and a well-formed legal system * Three distinct systems of law in Malaysia: Common Law, Federal Law and state law.Geographic * A coastal country, so it has access to the shipping routes. * A developed transportation system.Economic * A booming economy and a large population (30million). * A rising industrial production. * Abundance of workforce (at least 6,000 unemployment created by the Malaysian Airline) * Malaysia exports minerals and petroleum. |
Relative Importance | With reference to Essential Business Requirement of COSTCO, we evaluated the significance of the four factors: * Culture *** | * Administrative *** |
* Geographic *** | * Economic **** |
{key: (****-Most significant) - (*- Least Significant)} |
Business Challenges | * Culture * Fulfill needs of people from various cultures. * Economic * Regional disparity affects target customers. * Lots of competitors such as 7-eleven and Tesco. |
Business Opportunities | * Culture * Cultural Similarity with other Asian countries. If successful in Malaysia, company can expand further in Asian market. * Administrative * Government welcomes foreign investment. * Geographic * Developed transport system can reduce the cost. * Lots of airports and sea ports that can be used extensively for imports & exports. * Economic * A steady growth in national GDP and per capita income. * Lower labor cost compared with the North American market. * Gain trust of locals and root in the market by providing the unemployed with job opportunities. |

Country Description | * Culture * Major Languages: Thai (Official Language). * Religion: More than 90% of Thais are Buddhist. * Social norms: relationship orientations. * Administrative * FDI policies: encouraging free trade and liberalization. * Numerous government agencies support foreign investors. * Geographic * Thailand is a costal country, so it has access to the shipping routes. * Thailand has lengthy coastline. * Economic * High potential for growth in economy. * Political uncertainty leads to negative impacts on the rate of economic growth. |
Relative Importance | With reference to Essential Business Requirement of COSTCO, we evaluated the significance of the four factors: * Culture *** | * Administrative **** |
* Geographic **** | * Economic ** |
{key: (****-Most significant) - (*- Least Significant)} |
Business Challenges | * Culture * Cultural differences (Thailand: high- context & relationship). * Language barriers. * Different shopping behaviors: not usually...

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