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Internal Fit Essay

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Key Learning Essay #2
MAN 6721 March 16, 2010

It is known that a company’s strategy is very important to their success. We have addressed how a company’s strategy must fit properly with the environment in which they are operating. We refer to this as their external fit and utilize Porter’s five forces to evaluate it. While external fit is important, it is also necessary to have a proper internal fit. I will first discuss more about internal fit is. Next, I want to address the importance of links to internal fit. Finally, I will look at some examples of companies and the strengths or weakness in their internal fit.
The term internal fit may seem to be an oxymoron, but many companies ...view middle of the document...

There are so many aspects of Wal-Mart that really show how great they are at what they do. They have been able to not only create a competitive advantage, but also sustain it. Every link between their operations goes towards promoting their low cost strategy. With operations they coordinated processes with IT and distribution to allow them to not have excess inventory. Wal-Mart made sure they were perfectly positioned around distributions centers to cut cost as well to. In stores, they did not let one square foot go to waste, they dedicated all of them to sales. In human resources they convinced employees to take on more responsibility by making them believe they were being “empowered”. Another competitive advantage came from technology, which drives the ability to have low price.
Passion For Learning teaches us more about internal fit because of the challenges they faced with being a new business and the uncertainty that came with that. Their problem started at the core because their mission statement did not match their product line. What Passion For Learning needed to do to create value was take a look at what competitors are not providing and offer that to customers. They needed to offer some of the 80% of the “not hot” products that consumers weren’t able to find on store shelves. Not only providing these to customers, but suppliers would help and give them more negotiating power. Another consideration they can make since they are a young company is...

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