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"Internal Factors Within The Educational System Are The Primary Reason For The Improvement In Girls' Achievement" Discuss

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"Internal factors within the educational system are the primary reason for the improvement in girls' achievement" Discuss.

Girls achievements have improved over the years due to the external and internal factors of gender differences within achievement. Statistics show that since 1985 boys' and girls' achievements in school have both improved drastically in the percentage of pupils achieving 5 or more A*'s to C at GCSE level. However, although both have improved it shows that there has been a rapid increase in the improvement of girls results and a significant gap has opened up. These achievements can depend on a number of gender differences, as well as explanations about their class and ...view middle of the document...

Sociologists such as Jo Boaler (1998) see the impact of equal opportunities policies as the main reason for girls' achieving higher in school however many would say that the impact of feminism has been one of the key reasons as to the rise in acheivement levels for girls. Since the 1960's, feminists have been fighting for the rights of equality between the male and female and to stop the stereotyping that the women is the mother and housewife and depend on their breadwinner husband. This view put a barrier on girls' achieving higher as there was no point in they were never going to get anywhere in life other than caring for their family. Changes in the law have helped to improve women's rights but the main thing is that it also helped to raise a womann's expectations and self-esteem. This is a very big explanation in the improvements of a girl's achievement.
Recently schools have more positive female role models such as teachers and head teachers. Women that are such high up in authority are a real role model in showing girls that if they have ambitions and try hard, they can achieve them. A female teacher is a very important role model within the education system because if you want to become a teacher, you must go through a lengthy and successful education in able to achieve that. On the other hand it could be said that the changes in the family is one the main reasons for a change in the girls' achievements Since the 1970's there have been various reasons as to why there have been so many changes within the family, for example: an increase in divorce rates, an increase in lone-parent families and smaller families. With the numbers of lone parent families increasing this means that females will become head of the family and they will have to take on the breadwinner role, this encourages them to do well in school and when they leave it erges them on to go out and earn a living in a well paid job just like the husband would do in a traditional nuclear family.
School work has changed quite alot with it now been that most subjects are mainly taken up of coursework and the odd exam, especially at GCSE level. This however favours the girls but disadvantages the boys. Sociologist Steven Gorard (2005) found that the gender gap was quite consistent until 1988-9, at this point then the GCSE was introduced and most subjects turned into coursework and exams, this strongly favoured the girls. Other sociologists support this view as it has been proved that girls, on average, tend to spend alot more of their time working or revising, take more care with presentation and are better at meeting deadlines. All these points are evidence as to why girls are now generally doing better in their school achievements. However some might say that it is all down to the external factors such as...

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