Internal And External Selection Essay

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AIU – MGMT 335
IP Week 1
October 11, 2015.

This research report states the comparison of two major international companies and three criteria used in selecting personnel. A brief description of the companies and examples are also stated. As a store manager of a Auto Parts retail chain all issues and steps for education and requirements are reviewed, to select the best replacement for the needed position. Advantages and disadvantages of selecting internally and externally are also stated.

Ford Motor Co., Coca Cola Co., recruiting personnel, internal and external hiring, basic criteria, hiring methods
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The belief in the value of continuing improvement is a needed asset the company looks for as well.

The Coca Cola Co.
The Coca Cola Co. looks for the most qualified people and places this as of highest importance. When the qualifications for the stated position are met the person is most often hired. Take a position for IT management, if the person has a master's degree from a major accredited university in the field of computer technology, he or she is more likely to be hired. Experience is viewed next. If the person has work history from the packaged food industry they are more than likely to be hired. The last one is the belief in themselves to meet the values of the company.

A Side By Side View
Both companies place the most importance on education. Ford views the ability to make fact based decisions as second, while Coca Cola views the applicants' experience. The criteria change is due to a difference in focus. Ford is focused on decision making and improving their quality, while Coca Cola is a market based company . Coca Cola values work history in the industry as a strong hold ensuring the person has a sense of the business. Ford does use high quality improvement methods in their manufacturing operations and therefore hire those who actively and continuously seek improvement.

Store Manager Replacement
As the store manager of an Auto Parts retail chain, a replacement is needed. The replacement should be able to complete all tasks assigned efficiently. They need to be able to instruct and assign workers to specific jobs. They have to be able to check inventory of the parts, pricing, sales, and the displaying of them correctly. The replacement has to deal with customers, and ensure they are satisfied...

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