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Internal And External Conflict In Hamlet

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In the drama script ‘Hamlet’, written by William Shakespeare, conflict, both internal and external, was important to the text in a variety of ways. Internal conflict enabled the character development of Hamlet to take place, showing his nature rich in procrastination as he developed from a cowardly griever to a confident man no longer fearful of the unknown. This character development illustrates the main themes of revenge, good vs. evil, and more. Conflict in this text provides the main protagonist (Hamlet) with various catalysts that move the plot along and allow peace to be restored, completing the cycle of the narrative structure. The conflict that the troubled young man experiences can be applied to many aspects of real life and is reflected in nearly everyone’s ...view middle of the document...

living hell, when Hamlet conflicts between ending his life to end the living hell he is experiencing, or going through with it, for the hell he will go too may be far worse. As these conflicts are gradually resolved Hamlet learns from the mistakes he has made and makes the huge transition of maturity, to become the established man he is before his death.
The conflict demonstrated in this play provides its’ main protagonist (Hamlet) with various catalysts that allow important information to be revealed and ultimately ensure that peace can be restored once again, completing the cycle of the narrative structure and in turn creating a more satisfying viewing/reading experience, as we see that Hamlet has achieved what he set out to achieve and the world within the narrative is once more at comfort. The most prominent conflict catalyst is of course the sighting of the apparition. The advice this apparition gives raises the alarm to Hamlet that his father’s death may not have been accidental, spurring the beginning of his quest to finally avenge his father’s death, by killing Claudius. By the time the ghost is seen again, in his mother’s room, Hamlet has full belief that the ghost is legitimate, and makes up his mind once and for all to carry out the murder. Throughout the entire text this ghost is the guiding force behind Hamlet, spurring him on when lost in his procrastination.

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