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Internal And External Behavior Essay

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Internal and External Organization Behavior

Organizational behavior is a term based on perceptions and notions that individuals have about a company based on what they believe to have been demonstrated by the organization in the past. In any organization, there are several internal and external factors that affect these perceptions and impact the organizations ability to have success. Companies that embrace these elements instead of fearing them can use these factors to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and increase profit margins. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how internal and external forces influence ...view middle of the document...

When a corporation or enterprise occupies locations all over the world, Globalization is occurring. The strategy to expand internationally takes a tremendous amount of time, cash, and resources to plan and implement. Organizations may realize that due to the varying cultures in different countries, businesses cannot operate in the same fashion and must therefore embrace a different type of management team. Externally, globalization effects customers in that the business operations must run efficiently and still have the ability to serve the customer in an identical manner in various locations (John Wiley & Sons 2012).
Consumer demands have a positive and negative impact on organizational behavior. In relation to my job, the demands of the customer can have a devastating impact on the organizational. The customer internally causes an emotional impact. Employees have to know how to react in different emotional situations. They have to remember to try and satisfy the customer needs. When customers call some they call for different reasons and express different sentiments; some are angry at the doctor, some are angry about not receiving payments and some will tell you they are angry but not sure who they are angry at. Customer's demands can be internally exhausting for employees as well. Sometimes problems arise that require a great deal of critical thinking and may consume most of the workday. These problems are not always profitable to the company if you look at the hours spent, but they are profitable in customer service. Externally, customer demands can be damaging. If a customer has a bad experience and they tell the doctor or a friend that could be damaging to ones business reputation. Negative news seems to travel faster than good news. Now on the other hand, external customer demands can be positively influential for a company. My company uses customer demand to our advantage and because of this the company uses very little advertising. Most of the clients become clients because of word of mouth. The customer likes the way we handle their account and they inform the doctor. The doctor recommends out services to others doctors and by using customer demands out practice grows.
Internal competition affects organizational behavior in both a positive and negative way. By working for numerous employers I have seen competition divide in different organizations. The concept of competition was to increase productivity and makes the company more profitable. A bonus strategy was put into effect; in the beginning it was affecting employees in a positive way. After an employee finished their work and their accounts were closed, the employee would then help other employees....

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