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Internal Analysis

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Total Information Management Corporation

Project in BUSSFIN

A. Brief History
Established in 1985, TIM started as a supplier of re-certified and re-furbished mainframes and peripherals equipment. Since then, TIM has expanded its product line to include the world's leading brands in hardware and software. TIM's services portfolio now comprise of maintenance and engineering services, business continuity and recovery solutions, system integration and outsourcing services. 25 years after its founding, TIM has evolved to be the provider of complete technology solutions to organizations in the fields of banking and finance, utilities, ...view middle of the document...

TIM is dedicated to the fruition of its dream to become the best I.T. solutions company in Philippines. Seeking better means of providing sounder technologies and understanding that to be the best one can only give the best.

TIM’s standards:
* Expert technical skills that can only be achieved through continuous innovation
* Extensive experience spanning 20 years of unparalleled service in the I.T. industry
* Uncompromising promptness in product and service delivery

TIM Specializes in Delivering Business Solutions that Enable Client Company to Achieve Optimum Performance –FAST.
TIM’s Solutions and Systems Integration allows the client to mix and match components from different sources to come up with a total, cost effective I.T. system solution suited to their business’ needs.
This process is collaboration between TIM’s own network of specialists from fields of banking, insurance, telecommunications and manufacturing and the client’s I.T. executives. It provides for a flexible way to come up with solutions architecture best-fit for the clients’ budget, terms and requirements.
System Integration:
Using a combination of systematic well-designed solutions, techniques and tools, TIM build systems that cater exactly to the unique needs of each client.
* Acquire a custom-built system composed of the best-performing products and brands in technology.
* Have a single point of contact in dealing with multiple vendors.
* Speed up deployment.
* Manage projects with minimal risks.

A. Operation and Logistics
TIM is a company who do business to business approach. They sell products and services to their client companies. For the products they do:
* Procurement of merchandise goods from their trusted suppliers
* Inventory system of merchandise goods
* Testing of products; and
* Information system
* Outbound logistics which involves transporting of the goods to their clients with proper material handling.
For the services they provide they do:
* Acquire a custom-built system composed of their products and brands in technology
* Have a support system for maintenance.

B. Supply Chain
The supply chain of TIM involves acquiring of branded goods to their trusted supplier for merchandising then distributed to the orders of their client company.

C. Marketing
TIM target market is business establishments also who needs outsource I.T. services and products of the same field (I.T.). They partner with trusted brands only in the market that helps them boost their reputation. They have business development unit which deals with their clients’ need. When it comes to use of medium, TIM uses a website to promote their products and services as well as their reputable company. They also organize events to launch their new services and product acquired from their partner suppliers.

D. Human Resource
They recruit and hire employees that are fit...

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