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Interior Design Contract Essay

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Tropical lagoon is a new exclusive construction in the thane district of Maharashtra. The project undertaken is a 2bhk residence of 1250 sq.ft with an attached terrace/garden of 350sq.ft.The designer was contracted to carry out interior decoration work for a family of 3(A couple and their son).The theme chosen was a mixture of traditional African decor and contemporary decor.

I /We ___________________________________ (please print name) wish to appoint
___________________________________ (designers name) as the
___________________________________ (professional title) on the
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After the work is done, we present it to the clients.
We follow up on work done 90 days later to gauge customer satisfaction.

I. The Job
Interior design consulting, conceptualization for your home as outlined in the scope of work would include all of the following (Phase 1-4)

1. Scope of services

Phase 1: Feasibility
The idea of this phase is to evaluate the conceptual design requirements, prepare and present design concepts for preliminary review and approval
i. Site measurement
ii. Establish scope of the project
iii. Establish functional and design criteria
iv. Produce a rough schematic space through 3Ds/presentations/sketches
v. Determine a tentative timeframe and period schedule for the entire project
Phase 2: Schematic design
The design concept is developed and drawn from the approved preliminary concepts presented in phase 1.Documents are prepared which include initial space and furniture plans , lighting concepts, concepts for colours, materials and finishes and selection of certain furnishings.
i. Define interior concept design
ii. Refine and develop furniture plans
iii. Identify colours , materials and finishes for each area

Phase 3: Design development and documentation
This phase is an extension where all design documents and preliminary furniture specifications are prepared for approval and implementation. The plans submitted are not intended to be permit plans which would be submitted to the building department. They are used by the client, contractors for design intent, non structural layout and fixture locations only.
i. Fixture and furniture plans
ii. Finish plans and elevations

Phase 4: Specifications and Purchasing
i. Furniture & finish Specification Documents
The package shall describe in detail the following information to properly establish a budget for areas within the scope of work.
• Detailed Specifications
• Dimensioned drawings(Construction documentation for design intent)
• Vendor Cut sheets
Upon completion and approval of construction documentation any additional changed will be performed on a time and expenses basis in accordance with our standard hourly rate schedule listed below.
ii. Furniture, Fixture, Equipment and Materials Purchasing
• Issue purchase order
• Quality control

iii. Exclusions to Scope of Services
Design firm services specifically exclude any fees necessary to retain certain professionals or services for the project
• Architect(Registered to file documents)
• Electrical consultant
• General Contractor or sub contractors
Design Firm will not be held responsible or liable in any way for the quality and/or timelines of professional work/services as may be needed to complete the project.
iii. Compensation:
Project Design Fee
Fee is charged on a percentage basis where the interior design fee will amount to 12% of the total budget. The following interior design fee structure is for residential clients and is subject to detailed quotation.

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