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Intercultural Communication Essay

2995 words - 12 pages


January-April 2011

Subject name: Mass Communication Research

Subject code: SM 312

Lecturers: Kenneth Teo

Student ID: 1000922384

Topic : Benefits of learning intercultural

communication to university student.

Chapter 1


Background of the Study

Anthropologist Edward T. Hall is the founder of intercultural communication during the 1951-1955 when he was at the Foreign Service Institute of the U.S. Department of States. The scholarly field of intercultural communication was then mainly advanced by university-based ...view middle of the document...

The findings of such academic study are then applied to our daily life situations such as how psychologists understand their patients or how to create cultural synergy between people from different cultures within a business. Base for international business are also referring to intercultural communication.
The study of intercultural communication first appeared as part of communication study in the late 1960’s via books such as Alfred Smith’s (1966) Communication and Culture, and through courses taught in communication departments (Hart, 1996).

Statement of the problem

At this time, people especially teenagers do not aware the importance of intercultural communication. Therefore research on the benefits of intercultural communication is essential. They do not realize the importance of intercultural communication when they start their career, whereby they need to communicate with different races and cultures of people. University should offer and prioritize this subject since this would assist them for future undertakings. In addition, intercultural communication can build a strong relationship between borders for business and military purposes. This show that how important it is to be in touch among countries for either trade or military purpose.

Purpose and objective of the study

1. To show the importance of intercultural communication to university students.

2. To show the benefits of intercultural communication.

Significant of the study

Basically this research benefits teenagers, parents, Ministry of Education. This is based on the factor which leads Malaysia’s intercultural communication and how they are being influence.

The discovering of the study would let more people know the importance of intercultural communication between people all around the world. By indentifying the benefits of intercultural communication, and also indentify the importance of intercultural communication to university students. University students usually have problem communicating with others, do not say with different culture or races but even among own race. Hence, they need to have a proper intercultural communication to boost up their communicating skills in order for them to create a better future ahead. Not to be deny that intercultural communication bring only benefits but also some minor negative side, but this is how they need to learn more in depth so that they could understand and use it wisely. They need to be exposed to both positive and negative side so that they can cope with it well.

Research questions

1. Does intercultural communication bring benefits to university students?

2. Does intercultural communication bring negative issues to university students?

Limitation of the study

The scope of this study will be among University students in...

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