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Interclean Solution Essay

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Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc.
A look at the InterClean strategies reveals that the organization is in a ripe form for change of structure, business process, Human Resource (HR) alignment, communication process and employee management. A change is inevitable; the successful management of a change with buy-in from all affected quadrants is the ideal situation for InterClean to achieve the merger with EnviroTech. Such a solution can be found with the right implementation of the HR domain statement, nine step problem solving process, effective change management and conscientious decision making. The paper tries to identify the various issues related to the merger, challenges, ...view middle of the document...

(Dreher & Dougherty, 2001, p. 16). Clarity and measurement along with detailed plans for sustainability of compensation plans, staffing plans, training plans, benefit plans, and incentive plans can eliminate obstacles to employee disengagement. The organization can plan to maximize the advantage of human capital that can be evolved as a result of the merger. Such plans with basis on well defined strategies can achieve effective, profitable, sustainable and win-win change management.
One of the most striking opportunities available to the InterClean family as they endeavor to transform from a product selling company into a cleaning and sanitation services company construction of a vibrant, dynamic relationship with consumers. Through both the verbalization and behavioral exhibition of a contemporary, accessible and responsive corporate culture within InterClean combined with the tenacious efforts of the marketing department, InterClean can emerge from its current position as a stale and homogenized participant to that of a distinctive and decipherable leader in the industrial cleaning and sanitation market (McShane and Glinow, 2005). In the case of InterClean, the identifiable consumer culture that exists is different from the culture and consumer profile that they need to become if they intend to achieve measurable global success. Currently, InterClean is essentially a products based company. In other words, nothing ethereal takes place when customers sign contracts for delivery of products from InterClean. If InterClean could create an atmosphere and inherent culture within their communication suites, they would not only have a 360 degree industrial cleaning and sanitation service, but a culture that comes with strong consumer association as well. In addition to the many opportunities for growth that are now available to InterClean, additional opportunities can be found in the area of employee motivation, effective merger with EnviroTech in terms of human resource retention, internal communication capabilities, employee retention, and human capital development.
Any of these operational gaps can be bridged effectively through research and analysis in the area of benchmarking. Benchmarking when approached creatively and with an investigative disposition can lead strategists to solutions to issues that may be otherwise obscured. By looking to companies that have encountered similar issues with positive results, other companies in similar situations can essentially borrow strategies to create similar positive manifestations. Benchmarking practices can either be adopted from similar industries or from dissimilar industries. Either way, new ideas are put to practice to solve problems (Maul, 2007). For InterClean generic benchmarking presents the widest selection of creative solutions to the issues the company now faces. Some industries where InterClean might look to find benchmarking practices are within the PC manufacturing, petrochemicals, and...

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