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Interclean Memo Essay

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InterClean Memo to Managers
Pamela Trombero
Human Capital Management HRM/531
April 26, 2010
Janis White, SPHR

To: InterClean Supervisory Team
Date: April 26, 2010
From: Pamela Trombero
Subject: Merger and Management Behavior

The purpose of this memo is to explain a recent acquisition between InterClean, Inc., and EnviroTech, and to discuss management’s behavior affecting productivity, employment laws, and working within a diverse environment. As you are aware, EnviroTech has been acquired and will fully merge with InterClean, Inc. in the coming months. The merger between InterClean, Inc. and EnviroTech places the organization in a position to dominate the sanitation ...view middle of the document...

That said this may be a good time for each of you to meet with Janet Durham of human resources to review employment laws and best practices in managing a diverse workforce. It is important that you understand actions that align with employment laws and those that do not. For example, refusing to hire a candidate because he or she may have an accent is prohibited, especially if they are able to perform the job obligations. The human resource department is there for you to utilize; the department can not only help you with human resource literacy, it can assist you with staffing, retention, development, adjustment, and managing change.
As a gentle reminder, InterClean, Inc. abides by all local, state, and federal guidelines as it pertains to employment. The organization will not tolerate discriminating against individuals based on age, sex, race, religion, national origin or physical disability; we are completely in compliance with regard to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Failure to abide may cause serious consequences for you and the organization. Remember, you are responsible for upholding all standards within your department. Things such as improper jokes, comments, and inappropriate touching will not be tolerated. I also ask that each of you freshen up on your family medical leave of absence (FMLA) skills so that you are better prepared should an individual fall within the guidelines of the policy. Everyone expects fair treatment, and if a problem arises, please contact human resources right away for guidance.
I am also requesting that you be prepared for an...

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