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Interclean Job Analysis

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To: InterClean Management

From: Students 1

CC: HR Manager

Date: April 22, 2010

Re: New Sales Team – Job ...view middle of the document...

The worker requirements will help the employee complete the tasks listed in the job description (Brannick, Levine, & Morgeson, 2007, p. 115).

The job description for the new sales team includes:

1) Develop and sell customized packages of cleaning solutions that include products, services, training, and processes.
2) Keep up to date on emerging issues in sanitation and environmental regulation of cleaning and cleaning systems. This includes OSHA standards.
3) Learn and understand the legal, environmental, safety, ethical, compliance, and regulatory issues affecting sanitation and cleaning in varied industries and settings.
4) Educate and train the employees of our customers about using our products or other information dealing with the sanitation or cleaning industry. This task includes the need to learn and understand the language of our client industries.
5) Identify and find new customers.
6) Take care of customers by providing good customer service. Selling or closing the deal includes creating long term relationships with the customer.
7) Lead the new sales team.
8) Meet sales goals established by InterClean.
9) Work well with a sales team.
10) Communicate with the sales team and our customers.
11) Solve new or complicated issues related to the new cleaning solutions the team develops.

The job specifications for the new sales team includes:

1) At least two years experience in the industrial cleaning and sanitation industry.
2) Knowledge of emerging issues in sanitation and environmental regulation of cleaning and cleaning systems. This includes OSHA standards.
3) Knowledge of the legal, environmental, safety, ethical, compliance, and regulatory issues affecting sanitation and cleaning in varied industries and settings.
4) Understanding of the language of Interclean’s client industries.
5) Understanding how to provide good customer service and believe in the importance of customer service.
6) Ability to communicate well with customers and the sales team.
7) Ability to teach and educate information dealing with the sanitation and cleaning industry.
8) Strong sales skills.
9) Strong leadership skills.
10) Ability to work in a team environment.
11) Strong critical thinking skills.
Excellent discussion above. Nice incorporating of supporting citations

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