Interclean Career Management Report

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The merger between InterClean Inc and Envirotech created an opportunity for a new strategic plan to be developed. Our new business strategy is now in-line with the strategic plan at InterClean. We now sell products and services to our customers and have expanded our sales in domestic and international markets. One of the new goals for the company is to ensure that the Sales Department fits the requirements of the new focus of the company. A job analysis was conducted, a Training and Mentoring Plan was developed and delivered to the seven member sales team. Our next step is to develop a Career Management Plan to provide support for the team’s performance and growth within the ...view middle of the document...

Feedback is a very important component of the employee performance system and it is used to align employee efforts to organizational goals. Feedback will be given by measuring performance against objectives set in performance standards, job analysis and organization goals. After each appraisal, feedback will be provided to the team members informing them of their strengths and weaknesses that were displayed within the appraisal. If there are any weaknesses or the performance does not meet the required standard, the individual will be offered mentoring to increase their productivity. If there are behavioral issues, behavioral modification training will be provided.

Achieving Higher Levels of Performance
To assist the team in achieving higher levels of performance, the mentorship program is being continued. This program is a one to one format where the mentor will share their industry knowledge and different methods of salesmanship, information, guidelines, sales tips, walkthroughs, visitations, best practices, new skills within the industry and any other assistance that is required by the sales team to achieve higher levels of performance.
Opportunities for Advancement
Employees will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. By tracking their progress or lack thereof, it will become clear which sales staff are meeting and exceeding their goals. Opportunities for promotion and educational opportunities will be available to the team who meet and exceed their goals. Since we are not a unionized company, promotions will be performance based. The best overall performer will be chosen for a position as long as they also possess the necessary qualifications for that position. Promotions will be offered because research has shown that individuals who have been promoted within a company increase their commitment to the company. The company will reimburse the tuition of members who meet a specified requirement in grades for programs that are suitable for the entire company.
Flexible Opportunities for Dual Career Parents
Since most of the team members are married and have working partners, we have decided to offer flexible schedules and a dependent care program. Employees will be scheduled in order to fit company requirements to ensure that the operation is suitably staffed at all work times. The...

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