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I am happy to report to you the merger we all know is about to take place s in good shape. I want to thank you for you various contributions since you have been with this company ans especially to the success of the merger that will soon take place. Soon we will be interacting with people from a different organization struture and culture, and even though i have faith in your managerial abilities, i will use ...view middle of the document...

care needs to be taken when making decisions. Your decision making process should not be tained by favoritism. Siding unfairly towards a particular staff or group will send the wrong signals will trascend involved. Employees that are favored will soon start showing complacency because they believe they willl go unpunished while those not favored will start second guessing every actionsYou also need to exhibit competency, I will enjoin you not to concentrate on their incapabilities but to bring out the strenghts in your employees. Always create an atmosphere where it is easy for them to approach you with their concerns. Remember, your employees look up to you for guidance and direction so it is imperative that you are of good and imblemish conducts. A rude, rigid, and uncaring manager will create an environment of fear and mistrust, it is situation we shoud avoid at all cost, because any negative influence thats flows from the manager and its reflected on his or her employess will potentially leads to low productivity.
Adhering strictly to employment laws is an issue i cannot emphasized enough. I will touch on this next.

As you all know, the organization have in place policies concering employment laws.

Do not ask what they can do for you but what you can do for them.

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