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Interactive Story Telling Essay

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Cameron Wheatley
March 25, 2013
Non-Linear Interactive Story Telling
Paper 3

The first video game I really played on a console was Gears of War 3, about two years ago; only because my mom never bought me a Xbox or Play Station. My boyfriend and his friends always played it, while I would watch. The Locust characters frightened me because of their different noises and scary appearance. On the other hand, I was intrigued by the graphics due to the great deal of line work. I also enjoyed the copious amounts of gore involved in the game. I finally picked up a controller and began playing for myself. Since the day I began playing, I delved into all three Gears of War games. I tried to play ...view middle of the document...

The story begins with a cut scene showing you and the three others being arrested by COG soldiers and taken to some type of makeshift courtroom. The four characters are on trial for treason, using enemy weapons, and putting human lives into danger. Throughout the trial, each character recalls events from their attempt to try to save Halvo Bay from the Locust. Each time a character explains an event, you are sent back in time to re-enact it. While the character is talking, you get to keep moving, but you are in slow motion so that you can digest everything they are saying.
Scattered throughout the campaign are "crimson omens" on walls representing optional, declassified sections of a mission. The declassified portions add a layer of difficulty to combat segments within a campaign chapter. For example, some sections may require players to use only shotguns or limit their ammunition, while others add more challenging Locust enemies or “bosses”. For me, the most challenging are moments where vision is impaired by darkness heavy dust clouds, high speed winds, or toxic gas which impairs vision and balance.
Players earn up to three...

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