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Interactive Service Quality Gap Essay

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Analysis of the Interactive Service Quality Gap and the Organizational Dependence Dimensions of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong

1. Introduction
Service with a smile used to be enough to satisfy the customers. However, nowadays, some service firms would like to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by offering a service guarantee. Nevertheless, the service quality is a complex topic.

Service quality is an important construct in service marketing, industrial marketing, relationship marketing and consumer marketing. The various dimensions of a relationship interact and self-organize into a mutually consistent pattern of performance, perceptions, and ...view middle of the document...

Satisfied customers are the driving forces lead to the company prosperity. But it is difficult to measure the service quality. As customer satisfaction is determined by many intangible factors and psychological features. Many definitions of service quality are available, but the one which is commonly used is defined as the extent to which a service meets customers’ needs or expectations (Lewis and Mitchell, 1990[4]; Dotchin and Oakland, 1994a[5]; Asubonteng et al., 1996[6]; Wisniewski and Donnelly, 1996[7]).

Service quality thus is defined as the difference between customer expectations of service and perceived service. If expectations are greater than performance, then perceived quality is less than satisfactory and hence customer dissatisfaction occurs (Parasuraman et al., 1985[8]; Lewis and Mitchell, 1990[9]).

In order to maintain a long-term customer relationship and become a prosperous service encounter, company have to focus on the interactive service quality gap within the organization. For those the three SMEs encountered were examined as below.

2.1 Beauty Salon
The beauty salon is a reputed, quite successful small cosmetology services provider in its district. That’s why it can have over three hundred customers who regular visited and enjoyed its wide range of services each month. Also, the number of membership is increasing dramatically. However, some of its quality of service has the positive gaps while some are negative.

Yoga programs are organized by providing wider range coverage of the value added service to the customer. The intention of starting on this program is good. It is because the founder believed that beauty should not be only focused on the exterior. Interior is also important, especially Hong Kong people are living under busy and stress. In order to get relax after work, doing yoga is simply the best and effective way to improve the life style. But its customers do not think the same. Some of them deem that the programs organized are not up standard and expensive. Therefore, this service lies on the first priority level of the hierarchy of priorities of the interactive service quality which has to be remedied the soonest.
The first priority level occurs when the service provider’s perspective is positive and the service receiver’s perspective is negative. This means that the beauty salon had overestimated the service quality being offered to its customers. As a result, it has to carry out a close examination of the negative dissonance of interactive service quality. It is urgent to achieve at least congruence between the two perspectives.

In order to closer these service quality gaps, the beauty salon has to understand the due course. It is recommended the beauty salon to provide more information about the benefit of enjoying yoga. Educate and canvass the customers for a trail in order to change their mind. Since some of the customers judged the professionalism of the yoga trainers, thus,...

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