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Interactive Bookstore Business Plan Essay

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1. Location - SM Megamall, Basement, Ortigas, Pasig City
2. Size - 20 sqm
3. Rent - P40,000.00

Our children’s bookstore, Fun Page Bookshop will be located at basement of SM Megamall which is the 3rd largest mall in the Philippines and soon to be the biggest mall in the Philippines after its renovation by the end of 2013.

Megamall attracts daily foot traffic of 800,000 people. With this numbers, our shop will be visible to people from different walks of life, class A to B and hoping that at least 10% of these people may notice us, spread the news and patronize us.


Our clients will be children ...view middle of the document...

We specialize on children books, interactive and also offer other services that can help to improve the child’s comprehension, self steam, cognitive, physical and social skills as they play. Our store offers the following services:

1. Store

We will be selling educational children’s book, CDs, DVDs and toys which will help the child’s progress.

2. Story Telling

This service will be free to all children who are willing to hear local and international stories such as folktales, fairy tales, and fables. We would like to encourage participation and understanding from them. Through story telling we would like to influence them to be come a reader. There will be 5 schedules for story telling; it will be every hour every day starting 10:30am until 7pm.

3. Arts and Crafts Activities

This activity will enhance the creativity of children. The activities are coloring, paintings (books, figurines etc), puzzle (jigsaw, lego etc,) and drawings.

The materials that will be use for these activities are for sale.


There will be tie-ups with different children’s book publisher and toy manufacturer, producer and or distributor CDs, DVDs. All materials will be for sale and the terms will be consignment and likewise x-deal.

Target publishers:

Local Books

* Local Distributor | Books |
* Lampara * | * Si Juan Tamad * Ang Tatlong Bubwit at ang Bangkang Marikit |
* Adarna House | * Ang Alamat ni Ampalaya * Ako si Kaliwa, Ako si Kanan |
* Vibal | * Growing up with Good Manners * Magandand Asal, Magandang Buhay |

Target Distributor

Local Distributor | International Books | Sample Books |
Roselle Masirag | Scholastic | * Harry Potter * Diary of a Wimpy Kid * Matilda |
OMF Literature...

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