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Interactions Of Buddhism In The Modern World

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Interactions of Buddhism in the Modern World
Buddhism has faced many challenges in today's modern world. During the modernization of the world we live in today, Buddhism has faced competition from the introduction of monotheism and added pressure from Christianity due to its dominate global religious structure. In many ways Buddhism has followed the path Christianity took as it emerged from the dark ages. For example, there are ancient Christian iconography sitting alongside modern based structures of both architecture and practices. The progress of Christianity has been so slow that it almost seemed very natural in the modern Western perspective. Today Buddhism seems quite foreign ...view middle of the document...

The transmission of Buddhism to the West occurs in the context of globalization and in the context of significant Asian diasporas in the West. As a result Buddhism encounters modernity through the medium of the transmission to the West is the reflection of Western ideas and Western Buddhism back into Asia. The transmission of Buddhism from one culture to another was also typically a single lineage or a single tradition from one place to another at a time. When one looks at the transmission of Buddhism to the West, we view simultaneous transmissions of Theravada Traditions, of Tian Tai traditions, of Zen Traditions, of multiple Tibetan lineages all coming in at once, often to the same places. Western Buddhism may have a profound effect on the shape of Asian Buddhism due to the multiple simultaneous transmissions and the evolution of doctrine by the integration of ideas deriving from multiple lineages, coming to us in multiple languages (Garfield). Some adaptations seen today in the...

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