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No body can deny the important role World Wide Web (WWW) has played in providing users from all around the globe with loads of information and data bases. At the same time the emergence of the web caused a lot of obstacles in searching for the needed information. In this regard AI experts developed agent systems that provide users with assistance and advice for the efficiency of the information search road.
Agent based systems evolved to support other and endless applications, also multi agent systems were designed to ensure more accuracy in performing the tasks and to support distributed AI. Like any other invention, problems appeared especially when trying to relate agent system ...view middle of the document...

This means that agent communicates with its environment by receiving tasks through sensors and by implementing them and displaying results to the environment by actuators. Intelligent agent according to Tecuci (1998) is a knowledgeable based system that can interact with the user through natural language. It helps the user to accomplish tasks without absolute obedience from the agent but with the guidance from the user. It has the ability to distinguish between different tasks and decide which tasks to take.

The main difference between intelligent agent and agent is the word intelligent. In the term agent, the word intelligent means according to Jennings and Wooldridge (1998) the following:
• Reactivity: this means that intelligent agents can perceive their environment and respond to changes that take place.
• Proactiveness: intelligent agents exhibit goal-directed behaviour by taking the initiative.
• Social ability: this means that intelligent agents can communicate with both agents and human to satisfy their design purpose.
According to Sdsu (2002), there are other characteristics for intelligent agents such as:
• Mobility: means that the agent can travel from one machine to another using the advantage of the internet.
• Autonomy: the agent can perform a set of tasks without the user notification or confirmation. This means agent can control the actions it takes and adjust itself to the condition that is taking place. Such as night backup.

Intelligent agents are agents provided with improved capabilities to perform the purpose behind their design. And the way agents behave depends on the correspondence between external and internal agent domain, Dinverno and Luck (1998).

2. How agents work
The way agent operates and behaves depends on the environment it takes place in. the basic way of their operations is that they help users and individuals in doing their tasks. The main functionality of the agent is based on the correspondence between external application of the agent and internal domain consisting of knowledge base and an interface engine. The knowledge base contains the data structure representing the application domain such as entities, objects, relations. While the interface engine consists of programs to manipulate the data structure in order to solve the problem the agent was designed for. Tecuci (1998).

Agents can learn from users or other agents either directly or by observing their behaviour or by own experience Muller et al (2003). They are called learning agents and are defined by Tecuci (1998:2): \"Agent that is able by itself to acquire and maintain its knowledge\". Agents can improve their performance and increase the work they can achieve through learning and this depends on how the agent can communicate and adjust with the nature of the environment it exists in Russell and Norvig (2003).

Learning from previous experiences might be crucial and important in some applications and at the same...

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