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The developmental stages cognitive, social, physical, and personality can all be recognized in a T.V series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager. This series includes teenagers, life lessons, drama and confusion. The main characters are Amy, Ricky, Ben, Grace, and Adrian. Amy is a 14 year old virgin teenager and Ricky is 16, and he sleeps around with a lot of high girls. Throughout the series these teenagers are faced with temptations of having sex, drama of love triangles, and teen pregnancy.
Ricky is a foster kid and comes from a dysfunctional family. He was physically and sexually abused by his father and his mother was a drug user. Amy’s family background is a bit more stable than Ricky’s. Amy has a dad, mom, and sister and they all live together. Amy has two best friends, which she has had since the third grade. Peer groups are an adolescent’s life line. Friends give advice ...view middle of the document...

Characters are dealing with teenage sex, decisions about whether to have it or not, with who, how often, and whether protected or not. Amy, the main character decides to have sex for the first time at Band Camp. Ricky was also there and is who Amy decided to sleep with for the first time. And like most teenagers the sex was unprotected. The end result was an unwanted pregnancy. “Despite this trend, approximately 305,000 infants were born to teens aged 15–19 years in 2012 (1), and the U.S. teen birth rate remains higher than in other developed countries (2). Of particular concern are births to younger teens (those aged 15–17 years), who are not yet legally recognized as adults and are at greatest risk for poor medical, social, and economic outcomes” (Cox, 2014) A teenager must be educated in sex before deciding to do it. Amy and Ricky are reminded constantly of their mistakes and their friend’s parents use them as examples for unprotected sex. This consequence is an example of crisis and commitment, social development stage. Amy has the crisis of being a teenager, pregnant, and then trying to decide if she will keep the baby or put it up for adoption. These two teens are how most teenagers end up when having unprotected sex.
Overall the T.V series consists mainly about teen sexual issues. The developmental stages are easily spotted in this show. Teenagers need to be educated more in sex prevention and open minded with their parents. Studies should that teenagers are getting more educated with research showing the declining percentages. “During 1991–2012, the rate of births per 1,000 teens declined from 17.9 to 5.4 for teens aged 15 years, 36.9 to 12.9 for those aged 16 years, and 60.6 to 23.7 for those aged 17 years” (Cox, 2014) Sex is a part of life, not as important as adolescence portray it to be in this show.

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