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Integrative Paper

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tTamara Momplaisir
Integrative Paper
Kotter Meets Ivancevich
Change is usually one of the most difficult phenomenons to accept. Although we are living in an ever-changing world, people are likely to resist change if what they are currently doing is seemingly working. Kotter’s eight-step model provides a design for successfully implementing change within an organization. According to The Heart of Change, the main problem that people faced when leading change was changing the behavior of people and in order to successfully lead a change movement one must be able to speak to people’s feelings.
According to Ivancevich, there are several forces for change. Organizations are not likely ...view middle of the document...

Complacency occurs within an organization when employees become comfortable with the way things are going and find it unnecessary to change. According to the reading, most companies fail to make the needed change as they skip this step or rush through this step in their urgency to jump to the action phase. An effective leader is able to successfully locate the problem and also get others onboard. It is necessary to motivate other to participate. This step is crucial as failure to get others on board for the change leads to most companies failing to successfully implementing change. It appears that it is also important to follow these steps in order. If one is not able to establish a great enough sense of urgency, the risks seemingly outweighs the benefits of change, then others are not likely to be convinced of a need for change. Kotter suggests using brutal facts to show that change is necessary. Rather than using analytical data, an example of this would be using a customer’s survey of the product/service. This makes the problem more real than a graph with numbers. Once the sense of urgency is created, the first step is successfully completed.
The second step of the eight-step model involves building a guiding team. The guiding team serves as the pioneers in essence of the movement to change. The guiding team should be composed of outspoken members who are not afraid to speak up. One essential factor in successfully leading a change movement is establishing a sense of trust within the guiding group. After all, they are set to become the face of the change movement and if there is uncertainty amongst the group, others are not likely to trust them. Also, the group must all be working towards the common objective and fully committed to leading change. According to Ivancevich, interpersonal influence and group behavior are powerful forces when affecting a group’s performance. This means they are also instrumental in effecting a group’s motivation and dedication to change.
Once the guiding team is selected, the team must then decide what the vision for the future is. This entails specifying exactly was change is needed and how will they achieve that change. This vision needs to be one that is able to capture the attention of the target audience quickly and move them to action. It needs to be clear, concise and relatable. Again rather than filled with research it should be structured around real-life relatable examples. The guiding team again is the face of the change and needs to lead by example. The vision should be against the status quo, providing a new look at things. The vision should be used as a guide, with goals set. Without the presence of goals, a vision is just a bunch of words with no call for actions. Without the call for action, this again eliminates the need for change to take place. The vision should in essence be realistic, attainable, yet challenging. Presenting too easy of a task leads to one not being motivated to attempt...

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